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TOPIC: Shielding and Stuff

Shielding and Stuff 5 years 4 days ago #676

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Article Posted

Before I get into this, I'd like to emphasize something: my ideas come from my experience; yours must differ, just as your life experience differs from mine. Mine work for me (or they get changed). If they work for you, fine - if they don't, well, that's ok - it just means that you are in a different place than I am at this present moment. Please note that in the following I am not advising you; I am not saying that you ought to do things differently than you do. I am just presenting some ideas for your consideration. You may or may not find them useful.

If I believe that I am vulnerable, I am vulnerable.
If I believe that others can control and affect my energy, they can...

Continued on Metaphysics | Energy Work & Manipulation | Shielding and Stuff

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Shielding and Stuff 4 years 11 months ago #697

  • Angelis
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Great article, thank you for finding and sharing it! I especially like the wording and humour, like the visual of a Sherman tank as a focus for shielding haha!

The only thing I could possibly add to this is, I have noticed in my own experience, if you all upon an entity other than your own power to help you, make sure you're asking the right beings! A Celtic Goddess of fertility probably won't be of much use in shielding for a full grown male! Although, I am not one to judge or tell you who to believe in, so if it works for you, by all means, go with it.

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