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TOPIC: Beginner problems

Beginner problems 3 years 7 months ago #959

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I'm looking for stories and a bit of advice, hoping someone might be helpful :) I've been reading and reading for a long time. started actually practising a while back, doing a few spells now and again. and I'm generally pretty happy with the results. I like learning from my own mistakes... keep a diary to write down any observations, and another book to keep track of the spells i've tried... but other withces are hard to find around here. and sometimes it would be really nice to just have someone to ask, or debate results with.
I spent yesterday lounging in the only occult bookstore in this part of Denmark (I only know of one other, actually... there used to be more, but they've turned in to webshops)... noone came in but the owner, who is really nice but doesn't practise anything himself... he told me i would be hard pressed to find anyone else interested in druidic magic (which is what I'm looking in to right now), but I might find a few witches if I came back at the right times. I find myself slightly intimidated at the thought of searching out other witches, i'm very aware of how inexperienced i am.
yesterday I picked up a book called "the celtic shaman - a practical guide" and "the runes workbook"... the second one was more out of curiousity, but i'm really quite intrigued.
Anyway. Not having anyone handy to ask about trivial questions can be both good and bad. the first spell i tried, i followed step by step. by now i've learnt to adapt the spells to myself, and write a few of my own. still learning, still adapting, still trying to learn the basics... how to cast a cirkle? i've no idea... I've read ten different takes on it, different ... so i've come up with something i'm feeling ok about, still working on it. I'll get there eventually. the smell of incense tends to make me sick (haven't found any that doesn't, yet), so I don't use it. I use freshly ground herbs (for the smell), or sometimes burn a bit of oil. works for me... Wheen looking up spells online (for inspiration mostly) they often require things i simply don't have acces to. I replace it as best i can. but i keep having one problem i can't solve, one that seems ridiculously simple; I have yet to find paper that will actually burn !!! I try different kinds, to the same result. they burn for a second and flare out. can't just throw it on the fire, as all the fire i can have here is a candle... No matter how natural the paper i find seems, it refuses to burn... what do you use? small but frustrating problem :p

I'd like to hear other stories, if you'd share them. Of beginner problems or maybe of meeting others... :)

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