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TOPIC: Para-Ethic? How Do We Address All Of These Ghosts?

Para-Ethic? How Do We Address All Of These Ghosts? 3 years 11 months ago #943

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A recent bit of thought vocalized by a good friend who resides far to the great north of my current residence in New England kept cycling in my thoughts this week.
It was a Facebook response to a word or two I wrote regarding the ways that ghosts and spirits tend to react to those of us here on this side of the ethereal plane. What he versed was pretty much a general spiritualist's response to the challenge tactic in trying to rouse some action when in the course of an investigation.
To relate his thoughts; he pretty much made clear that in spirit form if he were to interact with someone addressing him in some of the ways that some investigators tend to coarsely express themselves, he might be driven to give those souls a nudge or two on their noggins as well! While I found his response humorous, it also retracted my thoughts as a spiritualist and as a psychic in how throughout my past I have sensed the presence of spirits in my midst. In virtually every case while there were a few who certainly didn't seem to be the happiest of ghostly residents of their respective spots, in no case have I ever encountered a spirit or a ghostly presence that was one, not both well aware of our presence and two, not just a bit in wonder about why we were choosing to render our aid. Let's face it, most ghosts and spirits aren't very good everyday general conversationalists with the populace on this side of the veil.
Sometimes I think we as presently physically expressed spiritual beings tend to have the habit of presuming that ghosts and spirits might not be aware of our presence and what our purpose is for being where we are. The stark reality however in all respective ways is that ghosts and spirits are indeed aware of our presence and yes they can see us not to discount that they are well aware of what is going on here on this side of the veil. Yes, they are very much aware and alert when we pass through doorways clicking, chirping, and measuring everything from electromagnetic fields to banging our heads on floors trying to get them to bang their own in response. An action that if in a continual expression by the way where in any relative physical way, would otherwise be fodder for temporary committal to an inpatient mental health unit for some reality assessment!
Let's play devils advocate here for a moment on this matter and consider what it must be like from their perspective looking at ours here on this side. When I say this of course I'm not asking you to relate to yourself as a dark spirit or some other malevolent entity but rather as a soul who has merely passed beyond the veil and has either stuck around here for his or her own reason or, has chosen to come back to just visit for awhile. They do come back you know from time to time to peek in on things!
Picture yourself residing in your spirit form in that place you have called your beloved home. You know your own bed chamber, you know your own kitchen and perhaps you even want to make a pot of coffee for yourself but no matter how hard you try, manipulating that darned pot just seems like a pain in the ghostly neck!
So instead you set yourself to the tactic of roaming around and trying to make contact with your loved ones or with others who for some odd reason have now moved into what was always "your" home!
Who are these new people?
Why are they tearing down that wall where you hung pictures of your children, your parents and your loved ones?
Wait, there goes that fireplace hearth you bought in England and paid a ransom of money to have shipped over here! That's where you hung your son's and your daughters Christmas stockings every year!
Now it's suddenly all gone....
"What a pain in the ass..." you must be thinking to yourself!
It would make anyone want to rattle a lampshade or two in defiance wouldn't it?
Let's consider that one quiet night as everyone is suddenly out of the house and you now have the place all to yourself FINALLY!
Suddenly amid all of the peace and silence and as you are relishing in your memories of your home as it was, here come barging through the front door some fellows named "Rocketman" and his sidekick "Toothbrush boy" with a gathering of other people with mini-televisions, lights, setting up all sorts of camera's and even some woman with a thing she calls a "Spirit Board" that looks like a homemade wooden cookie server with crude writing on it!
Suddenly everything looks like some Hollywood soundstage and as things really get up to a full swing, you notice these people wandering around the house, yelling crude and challenging phrases daring you to scratch them, hit them, and to push them around!
Not that all of that wasn't bad enough, now they are starting to insult you, your family, and asking if your are some sort of a demon!
Opps, don't guess what's next! You just looked outside of the window and here comes old Father O'Brien from Saint Catherine's! You remember him! He was always a friendly nice guy!
As he chats with these people, he suddenly whips out the holy water, splatters you in the face, and begins to shout at you that "the power of Christ compels you!"
Then you wonder as any sane spirit would: "Christ compels me to do what?"
It doesn't take long before you begin to wonder if all of these people are stacked high crazy folks who somehow got a license to perturb!
Were you that spirit who was caught up into this well crafted melodrama, what would you choose to do as a sensible, life experienced and a now ghostly soul?
You have to wonder sometimes as we reach our minds out and try to imagine what existence must be like on the other side of the veil?
Speaking sensibly in terms of what can be encountered when in the course of any investigation, yes of course not all entities present are innocent and mild mannered. There are indeed dark spirits out there and even darker motives working throughout the spirit realm that aren't all so timid in their expressions.
There have certainly been enough presented documented incidences of bodily expression in the form of mild to wild forms of injury to both residents and investigators from some forms of the spiritual that are encountered. Not all of these can be considered to be the rarity but rather are the results of interaction with malevolence in spiritual form.
Is there a way to discern the differences between passive and innocent ghosts and spirits who seem to be merely present within our physical environments and those darker spiritual entities whose motives aren't all that passive?
In the perspective of a psychic and a spiritualist who has felt the presence of both the two words to use here are that of "informed caution" to both types.
There is a good and a sound reason that responsible and professional investigators choose to perform so much research on the places they discriminately choose to visit and to investigate. One is to gain a linear view of the history of and the potential presences within that place. Another however is to gain a greater understanding into the colors and the tones of the ghosts and the spirits that may be connected to that place and the motives those ghosts and spirits may have for remaining connected to these places.
All of this is for the simple reason that through enough investigations responsible paranormal researchers have learned that walking blindly into an environment can be as irresponsible to the ghosts and the spirits that inhabit that place as much as it is irresponsible and ethically incompetent to the clients as well as themselves in what they do!
You see, there are always two sets of clients in any investigation that a team holds responsibility to when they enter a new investigation.
One is the responsibility to the current residents who may just have very valid and upsetting complaints about their homes or the places they need to be in when in the course of their lives and they indeed require sound professional help!
The other is the responsibility to the spirits that in their own way may need our help in expressing themselves, or perhaps even help in finding their way to finally moving along!
There is a lot more to all of this than merely acknowledging to a client that "there does seem to be something present here, thank you very much, have a nice day!"
The other side of the investigators coin is imprinted with the responsible capacity of those investigators to help the spirit, the ghost, the presence singular or plural, in either making their wishes known and resolving the meaning behind their presence and/or in finally helping them in deciding to get moving along thus leaving the physical clients alone in peace.
Yes it's a tall order and not one to be taken lightly!
Perhaps this is one reason that I alone as a spiritual detective remain so skeptical of the limelight investigator and the real motives they have in doing what they do in many of the ways that they choose to do it.
Perhaps, just perhaps what exists is indeed that malevolent or if you will, some demonic presence self-determined to make itself known through ill-will in some place! When such is determined to be the case, then informed caution is indeed well in order along with a careful plan of spiritual action! Yes this can even, and in fact just might require the responsible presence of good old Father O'Brien from Saint whatsoever parish to add to the spiritual force needed in shoving whatever it is along!
Just perhaps however, what may be present is a spirit or a ghost who is just a bit cautious and a bit scared of all of what suddenly is invading their space! Perhaps it's the presence of a child, the stars forbid, but it may just be the case. Perhaps it is a soul who simply needs our help and has tried just about everything to get itself noticed!
Just think of those moving pots and pans and all of those swinging lamps and bumps in the night!
How do we responsibly determine what it is that is present?
The next time someone wants to get your attention, perhaps that person should walk up to you, stand firm, start yelling expletives at you and stomping their feet on the floor or the ground in front of you.
Would that get your attention?
It would mine for sure and not always enticing my more cooperative nature.

Love, light, and the brightest of Blessings!

WD Allan
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