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TOPIC: spiritual awakening

spiritual awakening 4 years 3 months ago #913

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I just wanted to share an experience, and perhaps get some advice, oppinions and stories in return. I've been keeping my spiritual side "low" for a while. As a kid using my other senses was second nature to me, i closed it off as i got older. a year or two ago, i started getting back in touch with it, but not entirely... now, it seems, i've broken down a wall. I've been resolving some issues from my childhood lately - amongst them the things that led me to block off the spiritual world when i was younger.
a week ago i met with a woman who happens to be quite gifted with healing and well, sensing. She immediately asked me if i wanted back my "powers" (lack of a better word), and well, I did. So we sat down and talked over why i had closed it off, did a bit of digging. found within me that, when i was around 12, it had all been too much, i just wanted to be normal... this i already knew, i remember. but i also found that a sense of "wanting to fit in", still remained. the fear of being weird... anyway. I came to the conclusion that, in due time, I would feel ready to take it on again... I also felt like there was the tiniest of holes in my formerly pretty strong wall... this past week has been weird. I've been more on edge than usual, but also much more at ease with myself... whenever i meet new people, i get a sense of them. I pick up on moods and thoughts more easily than i'm used to... even my ability to visualise (which has been gone for years) is growing strong pretty fast..
yesterday i went under hypnosis to try and resolve the insecurity I have carried with me since then. I did, and aside from feeling better, happier... well, i feel like the wall has broken. something i was not entirely ready for. i would have preffered it to come slowly :p but come what may. I'm having a somewhat uncomfortable sensation just between my brows, not painful at all. just tight and tingly, and weird. and a bit lightheaded... but i trust it will pass soon enough.
at first i thought i was just coming down with a cold... but it doesn't seem like it. then someone mentioned the third eye opening... not something i ever thought of as an actual physical sensation before...
so, well, anyone been through this? or something like it? or had a completely different experience of awakening? :) I'm curious... oh and, any ideas on how to relieve it a bit would be welcome too.

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