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TOPIC: The moons of the year

The moons of the year 5 years 1 week ago #620

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Again, this is from a past post elsewhere, that I have copied over for informational purposes. I think it to be appropriate in this section, seeing as though many rituals are based upon moon cycles. This listing is not the rituals themselves, however, it is a simple list of each months' moon, and its' common meaning. Now bear in mind, different paths have different meanings for each moon, however, this seems to be the most common, or popular, listing.

Although these are not rituals themselves, this is good information for moon rituals, and that is why I have placed it in this section.

January: The Wolf Moon
A time of silence and staying in the house. A time for planning.

February: The Storm Moon
A time for cleansing and renewing.

March: The Chaste Moon
The moon of The Maiden and of faery folk. A time to build a new alter, or renew your current one.

April: The Seed Moon
A time for planting and creation, both in oneself and out in the world.

May: The Love Moon
A time to celebrate life and love. A time to free your spirit.

June: The Dryad Moon
A time to honor the beauty of nature. A time to make way for the new.

July: The Mead Moon
A time of relaxation and tranquility.

August: The Corn Moon
A time for harvest and preparation. A time to give thanks to The God and The Goddess and share with those in need.

September: The Harvest Moon
A time to drink and celebrate The God and The Goddess

October: The Blood Moon
A time to honor and remember our ancestors and those that have passed.

November: The Snow Moon
A time for inner growth and improvement.

December: The Oak Moon
A time of calm and silence in nature. A time for relaxation and recovery.

There is always the Blue Moon as well, though it's meaning seems to have changed several times, and I cannot find a definitive definition for its' meanings, association, uses, etc. The closest that there seems to be is that the Blue Moon is the 13th full moon, or, the second full moon of a given month. It has the same properties as the first full moon of the month, but its' attributes are much stronger. Other sources hint that it has additional "powers" because it's a rarity in nature, and controls majick and the dark arts. Take from that what you will, however, as with everything else I post up from my BOS, these are guides, not written law. Please do not take all of this as definitive concrete rules, and use your own judgement and experience to help you with decisions.
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