Encountering Ones Own Age of Energetic Enlightenment

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Okay, most have a bottom line limit to their imaginations and in the limits of life, there are many flexible boundaries. None however that can truly exhibit those boundaries that surround each living and in fact, everything in all of existence. Suffice it to say that for the sake of this rather flexible discussion, I’ll be in reference to the aura’s or the energy states that we all exhibit in all of our waking and some, not-so-waking moments of our days and our collective nights.

Its been long purported that the aura is the emanation of a field of energy that surrounds the body and can be visually perceived by some, energetically perceived by others and discerned for their quality and their "flavor" by others. All seem to be rather enticing ideals put out there by motivated souls who desire nothing more than an increased understanding by everyone. What also results from such magnanimity on the part of soulful individuals however is an increased level of awareness on the part of all of this and the effects that such awareness tends to bring right along with it.

The aura, it's been said, is an exhibition of the very life force of the soul itself manifesting beyond the border of the skin. Acting as a gathering of charged states flexing, twisting and manipulating itself according to the life force of the individual, it has been reputed to be responsible for the extension of people's psychic sense, the source of the river of their empathic perceptions and the means by which they can sense and yes, manipulate other people’s energy centers of the body.

Of course, the earliest sources of this last art form come from the Far East in a tradition favored for its reputation in a history thousands of years old. For good reasons as well, it’s been a tradition carried on that there is some good old common sense to the practice of energy work. It simply helps people to feel better! It helps them to feel as a much healthier individual, raising their vitality and also raising their overall sensual awareness of themselves and the world they live in. 

In latter days, there has been a mainstream movement all marching along in the direction of some greater enlightened awareness of the very force of the energy of life itself along with the impact this carries for the well-being of everyone. More and more open-ended awareness is presenting itself. Even in the extremely articulate scientific community of the physicist, much of this increasing awareness is presenting itself in the realm of the often-used moniker known as metaphysics. Their concept expanding work is ever more raising the state of people's knowledge about what reality was thought to be, as opposed to what it seems to be according to the widening viewpoints of the function of symbols, concepts and expanding minds. 

Now, in and amongst this gaining engine of enlightenment, people as a whole seem to be gaining mainstream headway into the arena of their own awareness of the fabric of their existence and where they best fit into the same. The boundless definitions connecting the sensations to the lines of force between one another, increasingly seem as less the matters of fiction and more the matters of the fabric of lives more revealed. The energy that manipulates the very essence of physicality itself is the same energy that feeds the senses. It is the same energy that centers the health of the body and yes, the same energy that pulsates in synergy with the spiritual quality of life and what most understand as the creation of being itself. 

When one encounters something, anything, it is usually understood that they cross paths with it, if not for the first time, then at some intermittent rate along their travels. What differs about the quality of the energy of existence however is that it is hardly unknown at all. It is the most inherent of all parts of whom and what we all are, just as it is at the very core of every thing that we see, feel hear and to a vast degree, what we cannot see or feel or hear but what is a real part in all of what is just the same.

It's through the sensation and the perception of this aspect of existence, that many over the ages have placed definition to their spiritual selves. Just as it’s through the sensation and the perception of this aspect of existence that many others in some positions of spiritual power of varying types, have created visages of varying abstractions of this part of life promoting agendas geared to suit their own ends. This action was simple really. It was all in creating other definable and convenient pictures in people's minds, encompassing everything from the horrible, the terrifying and the downright frightening, to creating visions of profound greatness in their own illustrative image. 

These forms of thought were set into peoples very being in an effort to corral them at a convenient distance where they would remain at an arms length and continue to be redeemable to these varying concepts of ill proportion. It was an aged practice of spiritual constraint, requiring the restriction of creative thought instead of allowing the natural perceptions of people throughout the course of their life to draw their own conceptions of the energy of life, which would lead them to the inevitable position of adjusting themselves to their own shifting concepts as they have now anyhow. The process of people’s true perception was an inevitable fact of existence, only the calendar did take a while to reach this point. 

Now, it seems that those with a much more applicable and a wider viewpoint of the true nature to the energies of life have risen above the grey, leaving the depths of where they have remained for so long, bringing with them their awareness of the energies that form vitality itself. Time, being a non-quantity that has no form except in concept to the movement between points of position, also gives form to the existence of a state of energy. The whole package allows one to perceive, form and manipulate their centers of energy, not only affecting their own state of being but acting as an effect to others as well.

Most who have experienced the practice of Reiki have had a direct hand in experiencing this manner of energy centering and a clearing of the channels of the sensations and the perceptions of themselves. It allows one to not only bring ones own states of being in line with the tuning of their being, but it also allows one to clear out the pragmatic issues of others with their off-centered states of being. 

It's been said that people create their own reality. This is in itself a truism. The form of this self-creation however comes from the self, as well as from the affective ways of others. The collective blockages one places before their own path and has placed there as a matter of ones interactions with others, can affect this path to self-creation. In the long run people are better served having these removed, and their own centers cleared.

This is a re-balancing act quite literally of the soulful qualities of life, and the more that people are becoming aware of this quality of life as being as real as the toast they made for their breakfast this morning, the result is what is being witnessed in today’s age. There is a shift taking place. A shift not only in the way that people view themselves, but a greater collective shift in the very perception of existence as a function of daily life. 

The old hat that wore the bands of what was once considered forbidden knowledge has become clearer to the realities of what this is all about. Hence, the rising tradition of spiritualism and the waning age of the spiritual fears of the past. 

This is an encounter that widens people’s awareness to their own age of energetic enlightenment. People are literally growing up in a spiritual sense to what is becoming seen as more than just a fantasy, some new age dream or some ethereal quality to the thoughts of a few flighty minds. This shifting age of thought is literally beginning to change people’s very concepts of themselves and of the universe they inhabit. The energy that makes up life and existence can be tuned, formed, changed and colored with taste and depth. The totality of this becomes what runs through and around all of us and everything, and what moves this is the soul that reads these words right now. 

The energy that forms existence vibrates at varying rates, and while being similar, people’s soulful essence does vibrate at different rates. Some vibrating at much greater rates that necessitate a much greater infusion of energy, much as when a car is driven faster, it takes more fuel. It’s a plain and simple fact of physical energetic existence and its why some people are more devoid of energy than others are as a function of time. This is the essence of what is considered to be the basis of all of existence itself. 

Far from the thing of a faithful fantasy, or an abstract religion but more the thing of ethereal essence of being in comparison with others. The growing sense of awareness that is beginning to take place that is across the board and that spans everything and everyone, not only encompasses those who consider themselves endowed or enlightened. Such enlightenment cannot be a restrictive quality. It is a vast form of being that catches on like the tidal qualities of the oceans. It is a shift that cannot be stopped but can only be affected.

This is the reason that so many are becoming concerned with and aware of that part of themselves called their chakras, their energy centers and their aura's. It's because they know, yes they know on a quantum level, somewhere deep down within their very spiritual core that this is exactly what life and existence is all about. It's the thing that binds together the mass of form. It’s the manner of the abstraction of anything that changes and shifts with any state of being. It’s also why a headache can be affected by its shifting. 

Such knowledge isn't hidden and rarely forever forbidden and nor was it ever meant to be. It was a forgotten fact of life by many, and today in this age of ours right now…..

All things are about to change………

© WD Allan

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Published: 2009
Copyright Artist: artajanovic
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