Psychic Sensitiveness: Elementary to Not Only the Psychic!

Magic Valentin Winkelmann


There are requiems for the heart and those for the soul. There are remembrances for the past and fortitude for the food that makes for a full life. Interestingly enough, in all of this, there is a frequently missing character of being that is attended to only when the spirit moves or when some frequency of life demands its attention. This is the attention one pays to their center of themselves.

In some pagan circles there is a lot of attention that is aligned to the inner-sensitivities that people focus onto their ceremonies, in times of reflection, and to those celebrations of the year that are in reverie to the particular spiritual influence that the season reflects. Other traditions have their own versions of these reflections in their own ways, but the real focus of all of this isn’t to the traditions, to the separate beliefs, or to the reveries or the instances of the particular celebrations. The real focus of all of this is contained in the individual reflections that draw oneself toward the center of oneself instead of endlessly attending to what is outside of oneself as the world trains us all to do on a consistent basis.

The Pagan community in its past was one that spent a great amount of time discussing and extrapolating ideas on the effects of external energy in any form and how these energies not only augmented and heightened a persons ability to center themselves better, but how the gainful benefit of these energies also allowed for and benefit a much brighter general outlook about life on the whole.

There have been major discussions and forum ideas in the past centering on the effects of and/or the benefits or drawbacks that result from an exposure to wild energies, chaotic energies, calm energies and passionate energies, whether these are in an individual relation or in a crowd of people. The effects of being in any due proximity to varying states of the color of energy do indeed have effects on how someone feels and how they react to both themselves and to others.

If there is any doubt of this, think of how you felt the last time you entered into a room full of angry and fired up people and how the charged energy of that room seemed to singe the very surface of your skin. The charge of the room was not only felt in a sympathetic way, it seemed to induce a visceral response in you right to your core did it not? Now extrapolate this state onto anyone you might be around and in varying environments.

In very real ways, as we all tend to grow older, we learn to naturally shield ourselves from these effects on an almost unconscious level. Many are taught to shun close hugging. Many are told to control their feelings even to the extent of not allowing themselves to cry in public because "big people" stay in control of such behavior. Take these "ism’s" and transpose them to the ways that many come to feel about themselves at their core over time until, a time comes along when you come to realize that the very thing you have been avoiding for so many years, would be best in your interest now attending to as they relate to your state of feeling about yourself and how this forces states of your attention to the energy that is on that same deep and inner level you have been avoiding for so long. We all eventually learn to yet again, attend to the very core of our being. This is the source of who we are and how we reach out.

The old adage is so true that the rusted door opens not to untrained or unable hands. It's a wonder in so many ways that when many come into the community and read a lot of the information and the literature relating to states of energy, empathic sensations, empathic senses, and psychic tendencies, they tend to scratch their heads and say, "what, oh yeah, u-huh?"

It is as fascinating to witness these same souls at some point, seem to make the connections and then to in some surreal way, open the doorways to their empathic senses and then to feel, to sense, and to then manipulate states of energy both inwardly and outwards at the same time. To consciously attend to both is a manifest function of the self, and when this is re-realized, great doorways begin to open up leading to vastly realized levels of inner awareness. The Buddha spoke of such levels of inner awareness. So did Christ, and the Dalai Lama, and other countless other spiritual souls who throughout the ages all yearned to increase peoples own understandings about the elementary basis of the soul and its relationship to the universe. The commonalities are sometime striking were it not for the abstractions created by others who came long afterwards.

When many in the community speak of their comparative traits to those who relate that they are "psychic", it is through no misnamed label. It is a true alignment of terms in the purest of ways between both. The same mechanism of the spirit of the self that extends in a state of deep meditation, or even in moments of a deep thoughtfulness to ones momentary state of energy, are not merely relatives in the family of the function of the spirit or of the psychic self. The mechanisms are one in the same and only an extension of the mechanism of the energy of the spirit extending and retracting and if you will, flexing itself. An engineer might use the term, flux, to refer to the actions of the energy of the self reaching out and manipulating itself about its surroundings.

The term aura is but another way of describing the surreal and somewhat mechanical ability that is utilized. The effects are all but mechanical however. The effects are truly spirit in form as well as in function, no matter if one is trying to describe the function of the psychic self in a sensation of energy. This is perhaps one of the reasons there seems to be such an ever present relationship existing between the Pagan community and the spiritual roots of so many traditions that are intertwined throughout the world.

Without some true sense of some form of a soulful quality to the self, be this even in the most rudimentary of ways, the extension of the core of the energy of the self would surely be a more difficult if not an unattainable quality, and the latter is a pure dichotomy of terms since the very construct of the self "is" the very same extension of the energy of the self manifest physical in form. Interesting that the same mechanism that makes able our very form possible, is also responsible for the same mechanism that manipulates and varies our ability to sense and interact with the energies that are around us.

Just recall the grand relationship:

First "BE", then "Think", then "Do"

Food for thought!

© WD Allan

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Published: May 12, 2009
Copyright Artist: Valentin Winkelmann
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