Reiki and Energy Manipulation; Some Considerations

Psychic Energy


When the topic of the interrelation of energy comes up for consideration, it's often in much of a qualified manner of speech. This means to say in relation to the feelings, sensations and overall perceptions of both the giver and the recipient of many energy based experiences.

In much thought at times, I sat and brought the issue ever further in my mind, in so as the experience could also be related in as much a qualified way in some degree of measured manner.

Now this isn’t to say that hooking ones self up to a galvanometer or the like would be convenient. Surely it wouldn’t for most people. When thinking though of what exactly does happen in the process of any energy based or psychic experience, it does grab at the mind at times. 

As I reviewed different aspects of the electrochemical reactions of the body, their reactions to inner changes of states and the potential effects of outside sources of variance, it became clear that so much changes our states of being. It was almost beyond simple thought. For instance, the body as most know can respond easily to varying levels of music when played through a set of earphones or when heard live for an even better effect. Ones body responds to sound pressure that gets transmitted via the neat transducer called the ear and varies electrical states throughout the neurons and hence through the body. 

Sort of why when you hear a drum pounding in a set of headphones, one might suddenly feel the beat on the bottom of their foot. The same reaction can happen to the body from the myriad of outside sources of noise that one experiences every day in their lives. None of which so far relates the possible Psychological reactions that as well vary ones state from moment to moment depending on the stimulation. 

Well, as I looked further into this, I began to witness that the body’s physical chemical electrical function processor, the Brain, is truly the centerpiece processor for all that we experience in a physical sense and we rather depend on it to explain to us just what we are experiencing at the time. Maybe one can see better where I’m going with all of this. But… 

Water is a source of varying sensitivity to electrical and states of energy that surround us as well and becomes a factor in ones ability to sense, feel and absorb states of energy everywhere from the surface of the skin, to the inner reaches of the Body and the Brain. For instance, if one drinks too much coffee, or sweats and allows the level of water to lower in the body, the ability of the body to cool itself changes, and thus does the ability of our bodies to sense, produce and react to states of energy that exists around us and within us.

Water has such a direct tie in things that a minor lowering of the level of it in the body, can vary ones state of mood, make one light headed and even cause unconsciousness if allowed to get too low or too great in the body. Its variances in the body can cause shifts in the electro-chemical conductivity of the body's organs, nerve branches, skin conductivity and can even affect the function of the digestive system as well as the alertness one has to ones surroundings.

Now, when all of this passes through ones thought and other possible external factors are also considered, potentially being taken inward through either perception or some kind of ingestion into the body, be that by medication, some external infection or even ones diet from day to day that varies the bodies ability to sense and conduct states of energy, the entire global nature to the Psi experience becomes rather profound in its own right.

Fields of energy varying in their fluctuations from moment to moment around ones self, and when directed purposefully such as in the course of shielding, or the exchange of energy, either the recipient of the energy gains in energy, temperature raises slightly, respiration quickens and alertness goes up, or the person lowering their energy state becomes more fatigued, varies their temperature and respiration and responds in kind to the experience. 

To think that such an experience and complex exchange and shifted state of being can be both a conscious and controlled act on the part of the individual, really does bring the entire situation into a greater bit of vision. The next time anyone is involved in the act of a psychic experience, energy manipulation or even some wide perception, now there remains a much more complex puzzle of factors that can add to the questions of why and how someone either feels the experience circumstantially, or they themselves might be aware and sensitive to their own states of being enough to know just how they do in fact feel at any given moment in time in their lives. 

The purposeful and directed manipulation and exchange of the state of energy between people. It brings the experience into a slightly brighter vision doesn’t it?

© WD Allan

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Published: 2007
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