To Every Season There is an Energy A-foot!

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There is an Energy to Every Moment and an Energy for Every Action

There is an energy to every moment and an energy for every action it’s been said. When the sign of the times tend to be rather epidemic with an energy of upset and unrest however, this is another matter entirely.

There is a natural state of being that more often than not swerves to adopt a state of enthalpy or a state of order over a state of entropy or a state of disorder to ones existence. This is an almost instinctive aspect to life, and for good reason. It indicates where one stands in a personal way not only in regards to other people but also in regards to ones own inner life.

This upset aspect to the surrounding energy to our environments, cyclic in its character, is by no means a new trend. It is almost inherent in the nature of the universe itself. What is most apparent however is the recency that is contained in the calendar to it all right here and right now. It is for the most part taking people by storm in so many ways. If you have any doubt of this, take stock and inventory the next time you watch a news broadcast, then head out on a highway and the next time you meander in and about some actively public place where there is a good range to the activity and the energy permeating from people. As Dennis Hopper once said, "It’s CRAZY out there man!"

Extensions of the Psychic Self

I bring this into the light of discussion more for some contemplation as you head about in your daily life and even as you wander about on the Internet. We have an inner energy compass much as the compass on any ship would help to navigate on the seas. It is usually referred to as that part of the senses that pick up on the moods of other people, the tension that’s in the air when we enter a room and that part of the surface of our senses that lead to those deeper senses of the psychic self. All of it remains as a level oriented chart of the depths of the ocean. The surface is the extension-oriented part of the psychic self that reaches and retracts and senses the ebbs and the flows of all that come into ones sphere of being. Some refer to extensions of this as tendrils. Frankly, I only think of this as a fluid and flexible part of the surface energy to the spiritual aspects of the self that taps into what's "out there".

The deeper layers that are below this encompass what might be thought of as the lower rip currents of the ocean, or those regions of the energy of the self where we truly make true assessment of what we feel and contemplate the deeper meanings to what is transmitted through such energy. What lies below this all leads to the core of the spiritual self, what some refer to as the core chakra or that core spot where you in fact exist.

Now, why go through all of this some might ask? Well, where the psychic self is concerned, and I’m one who believes without any undue doubt that everyone is psychic, we all are affected by, steer some of our decisions from and relate to others through the energy our environments give off. This is the windsock on the staff that tells us to watch out, or to move on without much warning, and to be quite frank lately there is a major feeling of "watch out" making itself known as of late in many ways.

The energy of the times speaks to a state of unrest, not only in a very actual perspective where people and nations are concerned, but also in how people are both affected by and inclusive of the flavor and the intensity of the energies that are all around us. Where and how we both perceive and make good assessment of what we feel and what we do with it depends on the degree of familiarity one has to such things and to the fabric of the relationship one has to their inner self and how one reacts to such things. Everyone is now saying; here goes WD again with his meditation talk!

The finest of articulations of both the severity and the integrity of ones relationship to their inner self can be indicated through their profound relationship to their core inner self, and one of the finest ways to remain in touch with this is, yes, through some practice of meditation. Though admittedly there are people who have some indication of this as an extension of their physical senses, most integrate this along with their physical senses through a passive building integration to their aware senses.

Balancing Psychic Energy

Many people in these times I notice are in the mix of discussing how they feel certain signs rising to their conscious awareness and they aren’t all that sure of what to make of what they feel and are certainly not able to digest everything they witness that flashes across a television screen as tough as some wish to appear, and as accustomed as so many become to the terrible things that appear there, lets all face it! It is terrible stuff to digest and yes, this all carries an effect to the overall flow of the energy of the world we inhabit.

What we all do with it all however remains in our own pocket of personal responsibility, and this gets to the core of what this article was intended to focus on. Regardless of the times that present to the doorsteps or to the screens of ones awareness, what we do with it all is not dependent on the applications or the desires for chaos on the part of others. What people do with all of these sensations and these pragmatic paradigms of perception is an allowable registration to the soulful part of their self and the ones who are attuned in a very deep way to the energy of their self are well aware of this in a true manner of their existence.

One can make of themselves as a transmitter for the weird and the palpable discourse of another should they so wish in their lives. Many do adopt this as a means to their existence for obvious reasons. It provides a rush of incidental adrenaline and a false motion to the footsteps of their days. What I do notice however as I myself hunker-down and interrelate amongst those with a tuned spot at their center, is that we all notice that something is "a-foot" as old Sherlock said so well. It might help to take another noted saying from old Sherlock's Book and to remind oneself that; "It's elementary dear Watson!"

It really is you know! Should you decide to take notice of the energy of the core of your existence and how this is truly both affected by and often times steered into other directions by the energies laid onto it by other people and the energy of a mass state of the existence of other things, recall that you do have a psychic side of yourself that does require attention at times. This is the part of the core of the spiritual self that cries out sometimes to pay attention that things are indeed "A-foot", and try to focus on your own core of your energy centers.

It might just amaze you, how you can veer your own reactions, your own inner and outer healing and to the literal reactions of others around you as they suddenly interact with a soul who for some reason is suddenly much more centered, much more at peace and much removed from the insanity that grips so often at others.


© WD Allan

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Published: August 2, 2009
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