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Empathic Psychic Abilities

empathyWhat are Empathic Psychic Abilities? An empathic psychic is also known as an "empath". Empaths have the ability to sense and experience the feelings of others...

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Yes, You Are Clairvoyant Too!

Psychic EnergyYou are using all of life-all of many lives-to be and decide who you really are; to choose and to create who you really are; to experience and to fulfill your current idea about yourself...

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The Darkness Along the Journey

Ancient LightsThe conscious mind moves far beyond the body and is virtually limitless in what and where it can reach, what places limitations on ones ability to both...

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Avalon Still Exists Within the Heartfelt Spirit

CamelotAvalon, there is a word that always enamors the most wonderful of visions no matter what culture one hails from in this world. The legend of ...

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