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What are Empathic Psychic Abilities?

An empathic psychic is also known as an "empath". Empaths have the ability to sense and experience the feelings of others, similar to the way telepaths can sense the thoughts of others. In fact, empathy and telepathy are closely related psychic abilities.

Usually, clairsentient psychics, (psychics with "clear feeling"), possess empathic psychic abilities. Empathic abilities are rare, but not unheard of.

Characteristics of an Empath

Empaths display these characteristics:

  • Extreme sensitivity to the feelings of others
  • An acute awareness of their surroundings
  • Clear understanding of body language
  • Strong knowledge of human emotion
  • The ability to feel deeper than others

The Empathic Spectrum

Not all psychics have the same amount of empathic power. Some psychics have only basic empathic abilities, while others have extremely advanced empathic powers. Most empaths fall somewhere in the middle.

Psychics with the most basic empathic abilities can sense what another is feeling, and can sometimes feel their emotions. These psychics can only understand some of what others are feeling.

Psychics with the most advanced empathic abilities can feel everything that other's are feeling. When engaged in empathic practice, these psychics often become so engaged people's feelings, that they momentarily loose sight of their own identity. Psychics such as these may be able to send emotional signals, and project their own feelings onto others.

Empathic Healing

Many empaths choose to use their abilities to heal others. Empaths usually place their hands on someone, in order to understand what they are feeling. This way, an empath can focus directly in on what the patient needs.

Powerful empathic psychics can share the feelings of others, in order to relieve their pain. Loss and grief are two common feelings that a powerful empath can share and lessen. To reverse this method, a psychic can also share their own feelings to spread joy and happiness.

A Gift or a Curse?

Because empaths spend so much time worrying about the feelings of others, they can forget to worry about themselves. Empaths may experience poor health as a result of self-neglect, emotional stress, and physical fatigue.

On the other hand, healing and spreading feelings of joy is a rare and wonderful gift!

Hopefully you've learned something about empaths and empathic psychic abilities.

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Published: June 16, 2009
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