A Train of Choices

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You are using all of life-all of many lives-to be and decide who you really are; to choose and to create who you really are; to experience and to fulfill your current idea about yourself. You are in an eternal moment of self creation and self fulfillment through the process of self expression. You have drawn the people, events, and circumstances of your life to you as tools with which to fashion the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision you ever had about yourself.

This process of creation and recreation is ongoing, never ending, and multi-layered. It is all happening "right now" and on many levels. In your linear reality you see the experience as one of past, present and future. You imagine yourself to have one life, or perhaps many, but surely only one at a time. But what if there were no "time"? Then you'd be having all your lives at once! You are! – Walsch

In the sense of perspective that I felt about the turning of this New Year, it passed in a mildly ochre manner for me. Nothing outstanding really, nothing that teetered on the line of needing doing, or impending changes that would pass in my own life over the first Month or so. What remained however was a sense that as this time moved on, at least in common perspective, some important things in the world and in life were beginning to get clearer as concurrently, other things were getting more, mucky, if I can use the simile appropriately.

How and why does life tend to be the thing in common existence where nothing comes without its own struggles? A lawn needs mowing, and such a simple task just could end up containing daggers of dangers beyond repose if the situation is right, or wrong if that be the case for someone. Then again for another, the task could get complete in the flash of a time, and is done for them. The list is whatever it is for who ever, the theme is what's important.

The awareness and ones recognition of the veil between varied existences thinning and becoming more intertwined, just is becoming obvious enough that its moving beyond mere hypothesis to a blatant energy awareness. Lines of force of many states of energy and their effect on people and things start to become apparent even to the skeptic and the disbeliever in anything beyond their own fingertips. The popularity of the paranormal is certainly an indication of this. But,…

In the course of the movement from life, consciousness and existence here and what is perceived as "now" and the "there" is really the oncoming question. The other night I caught something that lit me off thinking of the Great Shift, and where that brings one in coming years. Entertain this soliloquy openly as it is for the sake of this thought;

A man on a train passing from town to town, and place to place, sat watching different scenes of life and lives pass before him. To his interest, and more often the lack of it, some places were novel in their own way, peaking attention for a short moment while other places were as dark unlit ships in the night, which all said and done, meant nothing to each other. Suddenly however, the train pulled up to a station and stopped for a short while. This new place before his small window was different. Before the man’s eyes lay the most serene and peaceful vision he had ever witnessed. People all interacted in a warm, well grown and green town square, all in a harmony amongst each other that simply seethed peace and contentment.

The man simply couldn’t remove his gaze from the place and the people and the things of warmth that he saw. Children of all ages were playing and/or walking with their families having a marvelous time. No arguing, no crying, no yelling, just being. There was no want, or strife or pain in anything the man witnessed, but complete contentment. Well, as he became more and more comfortable with what he saw, the train was about to leave and sounded its whistle with a shrill. The issue now became clear to him and one that he had not too much time to pass through thought. Should he dare to simply stand up, leave his bags, his suits, and all the remaining possessions he knew he had with him on his train, not to mention the things he was supposed to do, or should he run for the exit and leap off and become a part of the scene that attracted him so? Or should he just sit and move on with what was and what was to be for him? The choice was almost too much for him to bear. His breath quickened, his heart pounded and he began to shake with the possibility of what lay before him.

Well, of course, as the story went, he got off the train and stood onto the grass and was engulfed into the light and the warmth of the new existence he had now chosen. All that was really necessary was a conscious choice and the determination to seek what he so wanted and what was now available to him instead of the life and goals that lay elsewhere for him.

The reason this was brought up moves into the realm of what many have spoken of regarding shifts of consciousness and the transition into greater things for many. I have referred myself in the past to such Philosophers as Plato, Nietsche, the Sophists and others looking for bright answers and thoughts. Of course many thoughts are there for the picking. Cave Allegories, the realization of the conscious mind versus the simple existence of brain matter and the blank slate that gets worked over in a lifetime leading to the complete loss of everything upon ones eventual demise. None really fills the void of question and the latter certainly is not a wonderful thing to think on over a time.

The reality for most energy workers however remains that as people grow, make decisions in their lives, open their minds, their souls and their spirits, something happens eventually that changes things. Sometimes in ways that are never truly predictable by anyone. One finds that an awakening takes place. Not simply the thing of the Vampyre or another such person, but one that begins to make the mind realize that maybe, just possibly, to feel and endow oneself with the changes taking place, a simple decision is the first step. To stop, breathe, think and then to awaken to the changes taking place. As the opening piece discussed, perhaps the window to ones experiences is much more simple than has ever been revealed up to now?

The process of creation and recreation that is happening in ones life can be perceived and shifted with the advent of a thought. A wish if that term applies in ones vocabulary then. Time has most always been the centerpiece of most decision making events surrounding a life, and when tied to ones greatest and grandest visions of oneself, perhaps, just perhaps the shift of consciousness entails the ability to break free of the barriers of perceived time and space. Not that one will zap oneself to another reality, but the awareness of many segments of oneself all just now coming into clear view in ones mind. Much more the thing than just shadows on a cave wall to be watched, or meditative states to be dreamt of in some Zen stance of the mind. More the point where the past, present and future you becomes aware in one state of mind and then brings one to the state of knowing the greater purpose to all of this?

Given such a train and such a ticket, yes, I do think I'd stand up, walk down the aisle, and step off onto the platform. After all, one purpose to seeking enlightenment of any kind is accepting it once it's offered and available. It stands that as time moves on many would simply sit, and keep riding the train to its destinations. Could this be Karma? Could this be the thing of determined purpose for some? Such is the definition of fate and not so much destiny one might argue. Fate is that blind ticket, while destiny might remain the platform of choice to ones life?

Quite a time to be alive, yes? Oh, yes that’s right,… "time" again. Habits are a difficult thing to break with.

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Published: 2008
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