Avalon Still Exists Within the Heartfelt Spirit



Avalon, there is a word that always enamors the most wonderful of visions no matter what culture one hails from in this world. The legend of the Isle where Arthur found his rest, the Isle where Joseph of Arimathaea was supposed to have visited and perhaps deposited the Holy Grail, the cup that Christ used in the last supper. The Isle where the Lady of the Lake still is supposed to send aloft calls to those who dream of forlorn visions of chivalry and knighthood. Avalon, that place where all of the worlds creative energies intersect skewing ley-lines abound pure and re-energized.

Where was Avalon truly many still ask themselves? If it does still exist, or if it once did exist, what was it truly that it was thought of as a place of spiritual worship, as a place of soulful wonder, as a place where people once gathered to honor the best and all that was right and good and true to what benefitted their cultures and their society?

Perhaps the brilliance and the purity that was Avalon does not and never did rest in any one place at all? Perhaps the pure visage that was, and still is Avalon rests in the qualities one creates and re-creates within him and herself along the path of life, moment by moment, and day by day?

Think on this if you will for just a short while. What is it that exists within the hearts of people that causes them to form the choices that they do and to make the decisions that they do as the quality of their life moves along? What drives people to choose the paths that they do and to cause the effects that they do, not only onto their own paths but afore of the paths of others as well? Yes, we all have sat astride of our chairs, comforted by our couches, or broke bread at some counter-space and wondered of some news story or some journalists creation we watched on the ways of the world and we all have thought on these matters of life. Even if most don't exert the effort to put it all in such a perspective, it really is there nonetheless.


Avalon is one best way of describing what we all would truly have as a quality of soulful being set deeply within our soulful spirits if it wasn't for the influences and the needs of living an existence of survival in the "real world" as it is. Avalon remains astride some of those purest of descriptors of being that eternally calls out that all people in one way or another would really rather shoot for that way of being if it wasn't for the ways of the world as they are right here and now.

You see, the ways of the world in general do rather communicate that "being" ones self in truth in society is to be trusting of few if not rather no one at all. It teaches that "being" in truth is to frequently coerce the spirit into the realism that to be true to oneself is to gain the most. That it is to help where one can though this is never a first priority, and that the crooked ways of many really are the ruling forces of the powerful of the world and these are the true ways that always will more often than not hold an influential commanding effect that influences more people than would the purity of the spirit in any context!

Avalon is every pure story of religion.
Avalon is every hopeful yearning for humankind.
Avalon is the best within us all!

Avalon exists as none of the former visions of humankinds moral frailties. Avalon commands nothing of the self, apart from that which truly resides within each soul as they always were right from the moment of creation itself. Avalon replaces nothing and reminds only of the spirit within you that always was, and always will be right there along with your brightest of motives, the purest of being, and throughout those most trying of periods that you will ever engage in your experience of life.

Avalon is the spirit. Avalon is the source of the frequency of the soul. Avalon is the crucial point where all energies of being focus onto one single point of being along the vast perspectives known as what was, to what is, and to all of that which will inevitably be once again for us all at that most profound spiritual moment of being that we all will eventually return to.

As in that age old rule of travel along the cart tracks of the then known world that once stated that all roads led to Rome, the station of existence that always will remain is that all spiritual constructs come from and eventually will again lead back to Avalon. You see, Avalon isn't as much a place in any vision of the sphere of being in the world. Avalon is that point of being within us all where our essence becomes focused as a singular point of majesty.

Avalon is you and always will remain within you.

All that is needed to be reminded of this fact, is to open up the vaults of remembrance that have been locked and chained against the conscious spirit for so long.

Remember Avalon, and you will yet again, remember yourself.

Think about it...


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Published: 2010
Author's Website: WD Allan.com