How Relative a Thing is it, to Look at Ones World and Expect the Unexpected?

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Often times, I'll find myself sitting in some soliloquy, in a meditation or as I find myself now, sitting listening to some favorite music and letting my thoughts stray to wonder about our various Pagan Communities and their own ebb's and flows. In this, I was in the midst of quite a vast conversation the other night with a friend about the coming days, the realities of what's really happening now and all the fears and trepidations that come right along with it all.

None to speak any less of, are the observations that are rather difficult to not witness, as they are usually the headline features on some cable news broadcast or in a local paper. Such is, if one reads the paper or watches cable news at all I suppose. No matter, such things lead me into thoughts of our own community, its inner role to, of, and by itself and the inner effects that other communities themselves find themselves in as a result of modern times as they are.

Many times one hears that "all things are relative" thereby passing some minor form of an affirmation or in the least just a pass of the conscious. How does a community recognize its own responsibility to itself as difficulty arises around them as does seem to be the case nowadays? It comes as no real surprise that choice communities do choose to step back into the shade, instead of facing oncoming and increasing levels of upset, public vilification and chaos.

Much so far I'm sure appears rather vague, but truly it isn't meant to be so in this write. Hypothetical case in point; on some day, someone decides that they want to leave home on some trek across the wilderness of what they know as wilderness apart from home. The person might disavow and pass on all responsibilities to their family, friends and community to engage in some form of soul searching of some kind.

Often times, such ventures in the more spiritual realms have been qualified as a search for oneself in the literal form. Does someone actually find themselves? If so, then does the person return to add to the body of life to their respective communities, or does someone just keep on going down the road of fortune to another destination in their lives? Such a vexing question can place someone in a state of thought I think for quite a time, but I would state that such a decision is worth the moments and time taken to consider.

Where are our communities headed? What exactly is happening within and around these places we call our homes and would that be something that one would introduce to their nuclear family, or something that remains hidden away in the darkness of a drawer or screen?

Herein lies some of the vexing qualities that I find myself wondering about, and here’s why… In the conversation I mentioned regarding just the other day, we had discussed persecution and its broad character in different communities and cultures throughout history. Truly, and I beg to view the following with some degree of objectivity as a historian would try so, back as far as can be traced, cultures did persecute, raid, conquer and enslave other cultures. If it wasn’t the Mongols raiding and warring with China, it was the Romans stretching their elbows across the then known world, and most are at least familiar with their history of persecution and enslavement on multiple cultures.

The Slavic Nations did war with their Germanic neighbors, the Celts found themselves persecuted by the Romans, the Scandinavians or the Saxon hoard’s who in turn did war with the Spanish, the Gaul’s (French) or another. In most cases and in fact a safe bet is to say, virtually every case, culture was both absorbed and forbidden or better yet struck down in the most brutal of ways.

Now…In our modern era, and within these online and real communities we call ours, many different representations of different cultures all gather via this marvelous invention we call the internet and gather to commune on topics and subjects that in some way everyone finds some common ground on. Be that, the Occult-Pagan community or simply the Pagan Community. Somehow about and within the umbrella of our common life interests, we in our respective groups of self-identification have gathered together to commune.


For what purpose?

To share of ourselves?

Certainly, at least to me in my life and how I have found it most beneficial in my relation to others. To learn from others? Yes, there too. Such I think is the thing of all who come in the midst of each other as we all do. But there’s something else that often goes unspoken of, at least out loud in some cases or at least in rare moments.

I would say that as all of our ancestors gathered together respectively in their own communities to support each other in times of difficulty, be they Pagan, Celt, Druid, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or other, so do we in our communities come together to support one another, sourced from some spirit of interest. Oh yes at first I would risk the thought that most come from that primer.

At some juncture though, another spirit takes over and becomes a common sense of good welfare that we all feel for one another, regardless of our individual beliefs. Be those beliefs, any kind of Religiously Spiritual affiliation, or some way of either respecting or completely disavowing a Deity. Be those interests self motivated due to some family difficulty at the time or be someone seemingly and completely at peace with themselves, all do have their reasons for coming and eventually sharing of themselves.

In this spirit comes a communion of souls, from many walks of life. THIS is the life blood of our communities and all others like them. The spirit of this place and others is where the concern rightly now shifts in the face of coming times that many do believe carry change, challenge and yes moral testing of anyone’s spirit in some way.

Often it’s a simple thing to see just how many communities carry and present themselves. Now truly, this is their own choice and rightly so, but in the grand scheme of things, to look at the quality that makes up who and what we are, might truly be to consider the impact that such a thing like character really has on a community? Or on a family, and possibly on the spirit of a gathering of souls?

Now, perhaps the answer is simply "no problem" to someone. Well, everyone has their own right to a choice of viewpoints, but I would risk that what someone wants in their lives, they often do in fact get. Such thinking goes hand in hand with "what you wish for, eventually you will get", and this now becomes the issue at hand for many online communities.

What is the message? What is the motive and where is the "home" headed along with the family in the future? If reference is needed, I would also risk, that one simply needs to hop onto some exchange and see just where some messages lie in the nature of these communities and where things might be headed in the future.

Yes a long bit to be sure, but the end point is simple. Where are our online and our home-bound communities headed and what can we all do to steer the direction of our own communities? Is there something that’s unsaid, or a direction of spirit or morals (yes that’s not a dirty word) that indicate that something is wrong?

If so, one might SPEAK OUT on the things that matter to one in their lives. The things that enhance the "one" that people find themselves yearning to be. These are the places that do so seem to matter so much and carry the spirit of change for so many. I would finally risk that the time has come to openly speak on these things and make them known, for many aren't! The results do speak for themselves. Maybe its time the individuals speak out on the content and spirit of their own sections of their communities and where the light and dark truly exists in ones own soul.

Enough begged to be said, and I leave this with only one more thought.
Not everything is relative, and there are limits to most things. One only need speak out on what’s acceptable and desired and true for themselves and their communities and what’s not. This is such the thing where the soul seeks refuge, not in oblivion.

Matters to think on for sure…

© WD Allan


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Published: 2007
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