Spiritual Inertia: The Force that is YOU!



There is a spiritual "inertia" to the energy of the formation of the self that exhibits itself regardless of ones attention to any of its details. From moment to moment, from vision to lifetime, when you set a thought to a decision, and then that decision is set into concrete action, a state of "BE-ing" is invariably the inevitable result. The big question is; what state of being do you seek in your experience of life and how do you direct this state of being?

You see, the spiritual inertia that always nudges your being isn't formed at the fingertips, the tongue or the eyebrows. The spiritual inertia that nudges the movement of your thoughts and your being is the spiritual inertia that is inevitably set into motion by and through YOU! Once released into some direction, your spiritual motion, your spiritual "inertia" carries you through just fine! That is what determined faith is all about!

The trick is to allow yourself to "BE" once you have set yourself into an accommodating motion and when you decide that this motion of existence isn't to your liking, to re-direct yourself along other directions. So many people simply decide that to change would be too much of a bother or too difficult a thing to attend to and so they just accept what seem "to be" along their own path of life. This is a tragedy in some cases!

I think there are many people who would look back along the path of their existence and come to the conclusion that what had taken place up to that point wasn't exactly what they had planned on. Yes, this is how we learn and how we assess our course moment by moment and day by day. It also however is how we learn to re-direct our course along the path of life and allow ourselves to draw into new avenues and to enter vastly uncharted arenas of existence.

When one reaches such a pinnacle-point in life where it truly feels like the present path one finds oneself walking along doesn’t feel like the right course any longer, for heavens sake PAY ATTENTION to those feelings, for they indicate something that just might be critical to your experience and hence to your existence, not to mention very possibly in influence to the existence of others!

The spiritual inertia spoken of earlier is no different than the inertia of a great ship carving its way slowly but surely along the sea. To set the path on the road to some destination sometimes means setting many waypoints, visiting many stops at many ports of call along the way. Each port of call and every waypoint one visits along the course of ones life experience has a new color, a new lesson to be learned, a new altering experience from which we all gain experience, move further along the course of a personal sense of enlightenment and from it all we hopefully think carefully, and thus make an onward set of decisions about where we wish to move on to from that point in time and to what we wish to devote our energies in the future. Life really is like this and NO, this isn’t just the fluff of some spiritual talk geared to make you feel better for the heck of it.

THINK for a while and meditate if you will on this theme in your own life. I can almost wager that at one or more times in your past, perhaps recently and even perhaps right now you are attending to such times in your own life. If the awareness of such moments rise to the surface of your thoughts, its enough literally to alter the entire fabric of the present and set you on a completely different path for the future from your present moments onward. The very force that changes EVERYTHING in your life, that shifts your being and the force that affects the way your life unfolds from this moment onward is spiritual inertia in action!

Spiritual inertia is what forms the thought!
Spiritual inertia is what manifests that thought into being!
Spiritual inertia is the grand power of the universe to create your physical form out of the actions of the egg and to power that motion into existence!
Spiritual inertia is your thought process, right here, RIGHT NOW as you look at these words!
Spiritual inertia is the force that creates you, your experience and that powers your path in life!
Spiritual inertia is what is behind the very power of creation and your moment to moment re-creation!

If you doubt this, right now, go to a mirror, stand there for some time and look deeply into your own eyes, not fearing what you see, but becoming very clear that the force that is behind those eyes, is the inertia that moves, YOU!

Believe it!

© WD Allan


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Published: 2010
Author's Website: WD Allan.com