The Darkness Along the Journey

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The conscious mind moves far beyond the body and is virtually limitless in what and where it can reach, what places limitations on ones ability to both sense and reach outside of oneself is simply and more precisely, only, the limits one places upon themselves by the constructs formed into granite in the mind, in the soul.

This limits ones creativity ones ability to form that thought and that sense beyond the invisible boundaries that have never existed in the first place. One need to only place the belief within themselves that they can succeed and thus, they will. The term "Law of Attraction" has been applied into this paradigm and it's an apt description of the forces that guide all of creation and the way of the soul and the spirit. Here is the way that one forms the idea of that dreadful and eternal Darkness that so many have placed creative force into forming, hence its inception into the belief structures of many if not most of the world.

The greatest understanding of this color to the soul as Jung so eloquently painted it, does lay in the understanding one draws from within themselves. This is the one and only source of darkness that has, is and will ever exist in soulful, spiritual and metaphysical terms as it applies to the type of darkness that has littered everything from mankind's literature to its religious traditions unchained and its interpretation of itself. This is darkness and the only darkness that truly exists. As stated before, with the exception of the complete absence of light understood.

With this concept placed into the fray so to speak as it is, then one can move on to the varying aspects of just what has made up all of this eternal and provident darkness in its more fascinating guises in terms of people, and dark or darker entities. Many have openly discussed the presence of demons, darker souls and the more apt descriptor I’ve personally heard applied to this entire class description that makes up what is probably one of the worst concept creations in my own view, that humankind has ever whipped up as a control medium, is the presence of the dark entity and its influences on one in a spiritual way. Plainly speaking, the only dark entity, as in the very definition of darkness itself in a spiritual sense, is the same here. The dark entity, all sub-groups included so there’s no misunderstanding, are a simple creation of the nexus of ones own creative forces upon oneself in a soulful way.

There has been a functional description of the course one takes through life and the chart that one places before them before the journey ever gets started. As the journey moves along and one reaches various waypoints along their own path, as with life itself should one choose to be completely clear, one can of course choose to tangent off at any point in time, leaving this course for lands unknown and places unknown. When a soul decides to veer par enough off of the path of ones own inner understanding one oneself, this is the beginning of the creation of the dark entity.

If one veers far enough off of their own chosen path and away from the company and family of all that exists, one can choose to close ones spiritual eyes and set oneself on a course of misunderstanding taken to such an extreme, whereby they become lost to themselves in the best and clearest of explanations. Ones literally chooses to un-remember, to un-associate and to create this separate existence for themselves, the kind and the form would as any other part of existence be of their own choosing. This is the formation of ones own experience of hell if one absolutely chooses to experience such a creation.

The understanding that any sort of "hell" as a separate and permanent placement service to the great maker for those who do everything from sneeze rudely to killing others is of course complete fantasy as is many other of the constructs and creations formed by those with an interest in their own power base thus the creation in text and in verse all poised to control masses of people. As with any other contextual creative force of the spirit however, once one chooses strongly enough to experience something, this will come into being in life and the entertainment of this experience will of course come into being as with any experience. Where however this becomes an extreme path of separation from ones true essence, this is one form of spiritual darkness that can be understood as a dark entity. Of course many choose to experience such a path and as discussed when taken into oneself to a great enough force, it then becomes a separating force from ones true essence.

This nature of the spirit has of course been the formation source for everything and every literary and character creation known to people today up to and including most colloquial definitions of the "devil" or whatever label one wishes to place onto that mask. The true existence is dependent only on the creative force of ones own mind and the degree of acceptance of that visage that one places onto it. It certainly has served institutions well for centuries upon countless centuries and populace across to populace. That is until people decide that the time has come to believe otherwise, then the force of creation shifts yet again as is being witnessed presently in common days.

The same paradigm of thought incidentally is used for those within the occult community as it would apply to the creative force that’s understood to be the movement of anything truly magical, which in clearer terms is also the law of attraction, or ones own creative spiritual manipulating ones own belief and understanding of their world.

Here is a fine point to make reference too, one more quote that I found wonderfully applicable to this subject. Note in this, substitute "God" with your own concept of a great maker if that's applicable to you in your beliefs:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not too be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. We are born to manifest the glory of God that's within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." – Marianne Williamson

This statement of spiritual truth by Marianne Williamson, speaks well to the understanding that people both project and become understood according to the way they truly believe themselves to be at their core. How many times have any come across someone who carried some deep belief that nobody would ever love them or be a part of their life for reasons never provided. How many souls harbor some darkness within themselves that they seem to without any doubt believe will take them over at some point, which if believed strongly enough of course it might seem to come about for them in their lives, or they continually lie to themselves about the nature and the beauty that is within everyone and IS THE CORE of each and every soulful spirit in all of what is everything.

The belief in this misunderstanding of oneself as presented so well can commute to others and thus it becomes a collective reality. The belief that one is fearful of ones own power, the creative engine that every soul truly is, IS the creative nexus of many peoples feelings of inadequacy and the source of much of the dismay and the strife many find themselves engaged in nowadays. As more things seem to spiral out of control and perceptions of ones own power to control their own destiny seem to fly out of the window, these feelings of inadequacy tend to flourish and grow like weeds in the summertime. It tends to never end, until it’s stopped and the thinking changes. Then the darkness will seem to veer away leading one to brighter spots of the spirit.

This path is by no means a simple one and nor is it an un-spiritual one, but simply another path one can choose to stray away from whenever one chooses. As with any other part of the chapter of ones own creation of experience, the path only need be changed at any time. The direction ones chooses, lays in the choice, it doesn’t exist as any fate driven singularly by another. As the statement put forth, "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not too be?"

Who Are You Not To Be?

The only thing that keeps anyone from not being, is themselves. This six worded question could be considered one definitive statement of spiritual truth that clearly depicts every factor and every bit of creative energy that one can define oneself by. Who are you not to be?

You Are!

You are what and who you wish to be. You are what and who you wish to live your life as. You make the choices! You make the creative decisions! You craft the path and steer the tiller of your own ship, no one else. You decide your experiences and the people you wish to experience your life with! You are as fearful as you choose to be as a simple part of this experience and the only limitations are the ones you place before you either in a soulfully spiritual way or in a contextually physical way! Your core is as bright as the core of any sun or as the center of any part of all of creation! Or, your core can be as dark and as replete of any warmth as all the voids of barren space.

As In The Mind It Exists, So Shall It Exist In The Experience!

The longer you continue to convince yourself that you are dark, you are barren of love and you are bereft of benefit in your experience, you will continue to experience this as a matter of creation. Drive this home into the thought for until this concept is accepted as a personal truth, little will change quickly and the struggle will continue as a matter of want! The change as well is truly only a decision away and these are where such tools as meditation are utilized to aid in the thought process. Thereby the counter can also be stated that if you are overwhelmed by gluttony and all the presence of too much of everything related to something, food, sex, what have you, well, the shifting of this experience can also be the same. The choice of the experience is yours and only yours to craft.

Interestingly this thought in regards to concept creation is the one in the same as the choices one makes to both and either experience a sense of deep and utter darkness, or to truly tangent oneself away from ones path and to experience separation from ones chart. Again, you are who you want to be and you will be. The entire experiential nature to it all can be likened to the sort of immersion one can experience when someone delves deeply into a motion picture or a concert or any activity that acts as a trigger to alter ones presently understood state of consciousness from any previous condition, to a new and altered perception that leads to an experience.

Behaviorist Specialists in Psychology relish in the analysis of such activities in the lives of people, where such could ever be directly observed and measured. The route of science has yet to directly observe and measure the action of the soul and the spirit, so until such becomes the case, it does remain in the realm of ones own metaphysical understanding and to be more precise ones own inner understanding of oneself. The paradigm does present itself in sure ways however.

So, any experience and understanding into the darkness and the things of darkness that people have constructed for themselves are also the beneficial result that one wishes to bring towards themselves. If you believe that you want and deserve such in life, then hence you will get what you deserve in your experience. It truly is as simple as this and any other explanation carts along the surreal in experience. If you believe that you’ve had enough of the experience, any experience, then…change it!

"Be It, Then Do It, Then Have It!" - Walsch

Have it as a part of what you believe is a complete and total part of the experience you wish to have in your life and thus it will manifest into your experience, plain and simple. Make it a complete part of your soulful spiritual self, a part of who you are, and this will be your experience, your reality, and your SELF!

© WD Allan


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Published: 2008
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