The Shifting Veil and Gratitude’s Compliment

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The force behind any change that's connected to ones peace of mind and certainly of the spirit can somehow be related to the degree of centeredness of being grateful for the things that make up ones life. Yes, certainly there are detriments about certain things in the "real" world for anyone about many things. At the root of most foundations though does lay the stones of everyone's framework, and within that has to be some degree of conscious acknowledgment of where one finds themselves in their respective moments and where the eventual future might take them.

Often times, at least as a part of my own thoughts, does come out the understanding that the future of what exists as the spirit of ones self, gets its boost from a source of life. The life and the mind of those who for one reason or another, either contained some special ability by and within themselves and/or just meant that much, to keep one slogging along until the perpetual mire that slowed the legs in their motion just seemed to give way to some clearer waters as a result of their encouragement.

These people or things that get so enshrined in ones life are the source for that special warmth that makes the smile creak through the lips, and makes ones eyes close a little bit while searching the sky during a sunset or while passing a thought that it all made a difference in ones life. This sort of moment is the foundation for gratitude that in some ways allows for a leap in the spiritual nature of one, from one level to ones next.

How often has the thought been there, to wonder about the how and the ways that life vibrates from its lows to its highs? How many times has the thought been there, after the fashion of a time or event, that someone and something did in fact help one along that road of life and limb? Many, I'd care to venture the guess for most breathing this air around us all. What though is the reasoning behind its connection to present states of being, and where such thought takes someone in a spiritual sense, on the plane of existence? Well, to break some things down a bit so this doesn’t become too long a slog, it's easiest to ground such concepts into a realization of self in transition. Taken from a piece written by Mr. Walsh that I refer to at times:

"You love the grief, you love the drama. That is until you don't anymore. There comes a certain point in your evolution when you cease to love the drama, cease to love the "story" as you've been living it. That's when you decide-actively choose-to change it. Only most don’t know how. You now do. To change your reality, simply stop thinking like that.

In this case, instead of thinking, "I want success," think, "I Have Success!" Affirmations do not work if they are mere statements of what you want to be true. Affirmations work only when they are statements of something you already know to be true.

There comes a time in the evolution of every soul when the chief concern is no longer the survival of the physical body, but the growth of the spirit; no longer the attainment of worldly success, but the realization of Self!

Contained within this set of passages, quite literally, is a framework for the realization of the spiritual self from one level to the next in many respects and from within certain peripheral perspectives. The attainment of a self realization that things in their time, transcend from one level to the next, when one contains the framework for the leap that goes beyond the self, that leads right back to the self.

Now if this last statement seems a bit paradoxical, that's probably because it's intended to in many respects, as connected to the nature of how something like gratitude can tie into some level of transcendence of the self. To let go of the mire, so to speak, often there has to be some degree of acknowledgment to the real side of what is, instead of what was. The side of what is, is the nature of what sits in the here and now for most. The side of what was, is the foundation for how things tend to be seen in the now. This is where such things as love, pain, hurt and pleasure reside in the memory. From here, well, leads some degree of the next view of the vibration of life and spirit.

I can remember recently having a conversation around the nature of those "sensitive", and the thought that quite possibly, the energy that's so depleted over time, might well be due to the nature of ones vibrations as related to others. Think simply of the set of guitar strings, all tensed in their respective fashion to give a wonderful tone. Yet one to the next vibrates at a different frequency ending the succession on the highest frequency that vibrates much higher, yet doesn’t diminish from the rest. Each string when struck, gives its finest vibration in return for the effort expended in its direction.

It only compliments the rest with its beauty and its tone. The replenishment of energy, being such the cyclic thing in nature that it is, is truly the yin and the yang that is exhibited so often in philosophy. Where one gives, one then receives in return, and in that returning is contained the purest form of the gratitude of all of nature. Everything and everyone gives and receives as a part of life, and thus in the same, would the reciprocal nature of gratitude both give freely as a force of spiritual life, and return the same even greater to ones life in return.

The finer aspects of any life's spirit, is that which both recognizes the benefits of and by the self, and the benefits for others of the reality of the power that makes up what everything is,… the source of life energy that really in the rubric of the universe, doesn’t vary all that much, from one living thing to the next. If there is at all a difference, does it contain much, if at all, of anything that’s not worth recognizing as worthy to ones self with a sense of gratitude in both giving and receiving?

Definitely the next step…

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Published: August 2, 2007
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