Short History of Mothman Phenomena



First known reports are from 1926. Somewhere in south-eastern part of China, near the Xiaon - the second largest dam in whole country, first sightings were reported. Rumors begun to spread - people reported a huge black creature hovering above the dam. In the afternoon, 19th of January, 1926, the Xiaon Dam collapsed, sending over 40 billion gallons of water chasing unwitting farmers below. Entire villages were destroyed, over 15 thousands dead. Since that time the Man-Dragon is known as oracle of doom and symbol of destruction in China.

Some time earlier, a Russian newspaper Pravda wrote, that there were several encounters with strange creature, in which people where warned about the imminent crash of MD-82 aircraft, but these encounters are yet to be confirmed. No further sightings were reported - until one night of 1964.

The Ohio River Tragedy

A young woman with her father was driving down Route 2 along the Ohio River. They were heading toward the Chief Cornstal Hunting Grounds, West Virgina. Then, out of nowhere a man-like creature stepped onto the road in front of their car. Young woman along with her father saw a horrifying being - without head, and with illuminating red eyes on the torso of creature. Its skiing was grey, almost black, and creature was a lot larger than normal man. In a matter of seconds, the mysterious Mothman's wings unfurled from back, and being disappear in the darkness...

Few months later in 1965, small village named Point Pleasant in West Virgina turned from peaceful safe-heaven into a center of horror. For 13 months people were reporting encounters with "angels" or "giant butterflies'. People were terrified not just by the monster itself, but also by journalists and television crews seeking the creature.

A conclusion of these events was tragic - on 15th of December, 1967, the 700 foot long Silver Bridge above the Ohio River collapsed during rush hour traffic - 46 died. Based on these events, a book were written, as well as movie was created. The Mothman once again prove to be the bad omen - or maybe a warning?

Those, who were saved

11 years have passed before new sightings reported. On 10th of September, 1978, at a coal mine in Freiburg, Germany, miners encountered a terrifying black creature blocking the entrance to the mine. They were forced to retreat - so they begun to clean area outside the mine just to keep themselves busy, hoping that creature will leave. Around 8 am, a ground shuddered with tremendous force of underground explosion. 21 people were saved from dead by mysterious monster. This creature is known as Freiburg Shrieker. But - workers who were "saved" that day had fallen into sanity, or committed a suicide, or died in very young age. So - should they die that day?

The power of atom

We need to move eight years into the future to find out new sightings - beginning in April of 1985, employees of Russian Nuclear Power Plan in Chernobyl, Ukraine, reported sightings of a huge, dark and headless creature with gigantic wings and glowing red eyes. Some of these people have encounter the creature in person, some have been having horrifying nightmares.

The real horror came with 26th of April, 1986. A massive explosion shake whole power plant - the core of the reactor begun to melt. Thirty people died in explosion, ten more due to radiation exposure - untold casualties over the next years. Workers who survived says they saw a black creature hovering above the burning core.


Since the tragedy of Chernobyl, there were no new sightings of the creature - the Mothman activity stopped - but who know when it will start again? Will it be another sign of a tragedy coming? More than that - does the events inFreiburg are proof that future can't be changed, and those who have to die, will die no matters what? There are many questions, and so few answers...

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