Featured Superstitions

Irish Superstitions and Folklore

BansheeIreland is a nation rich in superstitions still observed. Urban legends and the cultures and religions of Ireland's former inhabitants from foreign lands...

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Russian Superstitions

Russian SuperstitionsRussians are very superstitious people. They will deny this, but it is true. These superstitions affect my life on a daily basis. Most of the time they are harmless...

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The Folklore and Superstitions of the Old English Countryside

Ancient Church - EnglandThere are, it has to be said, a lot of 'old wives' tales from the countryside of old England. Some, not surprisingly, might do you more...

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Coffee Superstitions

Coffee SuperstitionsAre you superstitious? Don't worry. A lot of people are. In fact, even coffee lovers have their own share of superstitious beliefs. Here's a sampling of the more common ones...

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