Coffee Superstitions

Coffee Superstitions


Are you superstitious? Don't worry. A lot of people are. In fact, even coffee lovers have their own share of superstitious beliefs. Here's a sampling of the more common ones associated with coffee.

In Greece, you'll find some strange beliefs practiced by coffee addicts. For instance, if you spill coffee on the coffee plate, people say you'll have money soon. That certainly sounds like a nice way of getting cash in these hard times!

If your coffee has a big bubble, get set for disappointing news. Others, however, say its a sign that your friend will be arriving later. For those with butterfingers who drop or smash a cup, it doesn't look too good since this is a sign of bad luck.

If you have the time, why not further observe the movement of the bubbles in a cup of coffee? These bubbles are believed to tell people a lot of things. One superstition says that if the bubbles move towards the drinker, that person is destined to become wealthy. But if the bubbles retreat, hard times will follow.

Some people believe they must use the same coffee mug when drinking coffee or something bad will happen to them. Another superstition says that if you leave bread and coffee under a house, you have the perfect weapon against ghosts!

Romanians believe you can tell predict the future by examining coffee grounds. But coffee fortune telling has certain rules for it to succeed. First, the fortune teller must be paid or the prediction wont come true. What a great way to make money! Will the money be returned if the wish doesn't come true?

This shouldn't be done at night or it wont work. Most likely, the person whose fortune is told wont have any money at this time! Lastly, don't thank the fortune teller or the prediction will be lost.

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Published: May 5, 2010