Decatur/Hartselle - Crybaby Hollow

Crybaby Hollow Bridge - Decatur/Hartselle Alabama


A long, narrow, dark road off of hwy 31 will bring you to an 8ft long bridge with no rails that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a crying baby. If you park on the bridge and put your car in neutral your car will either rock back and forth like mine has or be pushed forward. Small handprints have been left on the cars afterwards.

First Hand Directions: Take Memorial Parkway (Huntsville AL) south until you get to highway 36 (about ten miles south of the TN river bridge) take a right on 36 and follow that untill Cotaco Florette RD, where you will go left. CF RD is at a little intersection right by Cotaco middle school and some gas stations. Follow C.F. road until you come to AL-67. Take a left. Drive a couple of miles then slow down and look for ENTREKIN RD. It will be on your left. Turn left and follow it to the stop sign where the gravel/dirt road begins. Then take a left. This will be the road that the bridge is on. You’ll cross a newer bridge with concrete guardrails then the cry baby bridge shortly after. If you stop between the two you can find the trail to the real bridge. It will be on the right.
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