Tuscaloosa - Maxwell's Crossing

The most terrifying tales regard a 7-foot-tall black man, a slave or ex-slave, who chased young people driving down the dirt road with its 13 bridges, overhung by vegetation and trees so that the road appears to pass under tunnels. He would steal their cars and sink them in creeks and rivers. The stories vary about the man — that he began killing young people, or raped and murdered a farmer’s daughter. Or that he was simply falsely accused. In reprisal he was either hung or beheaded near a silo. His ghost is said to continue to haunt the grounds, seeking vengeance for his unjust death.

Drivers through the area are encouraged not to stop, because the ghost might just hitchhike. Also, one is asked to beware red and green lights; if green, all is well. If red, the driver will never been seen again. In reality, the reference is to a train signal light. So in theory, if one climbed up on the trestle while the light was red, one could indeed meet one’s untimely demise.
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