Wagarville - The White Lady of Wagarville

Clearwater Cemetery | Wagarville, Alabama


Wagarville is a small area that is situated in between Leroy and Chatom in Alabama. In Wagarville, there's a dirt road that lies between the Clearwater cemetery, a church and a Exxon gas station. The cemetery has been rumored to be haunted by a woman known as the White Lady (because her entire form is that of a transparent white). According to Strange USA and The Shadowlands, the White Lady (her real name is unknown) was raped and killed either in the cemetery or on the dirt road right by it.

Rumored sightings of "The White Lady of Wagarville" occurs between midnight and 3:00 A.M. Instructions to encounter this ghostly apparition requires you to park your car on the road outside of the cemetery gate, turn off everything in your car and place the car in neutral. In doing so, the White Lady will suddenly appear and rock your car back and forth as if she's pushing it. Sometimes the White Lady won't appear at all and you'll just hear a series of footsteps as she pushes your car back and forth. At other times, you will simply see her walking in the cemetery itself.
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