Winfield - Musgrave - Union Chapel Cemetery

Union Chapel Cemetery | Winfield, Alabama


After Robert Musgrave was killed in a train wreck in April 1904, his family consecrated his grave site with an eight-foot-tall granite obelisk. His devastated sweetheart brought fresh flowers to the grave for fifty years. Her thin silhouette could often be seen kneeling in prayer next to his marker. In 1962, six months after she died, worshippers noticed the same distinctive silhouette at his tombstone. When they investigated, they found a dark stain had leached from the stone to form her exact image. News of the image spread and hundreds of strangers descended on the quiet cemetery. The family had the image sandblasted off the side of the obelisk, but it returned as cleverly as ever. Again they hired a stonemason to sandblast the image away, and again the eerie silhouette returned.
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