Leach's Point Devil

Two Nuns - Sunset Stroll


Two Nuns, on sabbatical or retreat were walking at night along a road sparsely lit by the occasional street light, more then well spaced apart. The Summer day had been hot, and being out on the point, the ocean air had served to cool and move in a fog, once the sun had gone down.

It was more then blinding, it served to envelope many of the night creatures and there sounds as they scurried to secure their meals, while trying not to become others meals. It was a peaceful walk, the two friends enjoyed the pleasantness of the night air, and the brief conversation, avoiding the thoughts of returning to their full time jobs, in the big city at some southern commune or mission.

In a nights fog, you can always see at least some light, from the far ahead street light, one that serves to add a eerie glow to the surrounding and swirling fog. One of the nun's always carried a flashlight just in case, and swung it to the outside of the two as they walked, in case a passing car might swerve too close and not see them in time in the fog. 

The Nun on the inside, suddenly paused in her stroll, and the other nun seeing this halted her own walk. The Inside Nun, since no names were mentioned, we'll call her Nun 1 made a quick shooshing sound, quieting the question about to be asked by Nun 2. "What had she heard? Why had she stopped?"

Before Nun 1 could whisper, the sound came again, a kind of low guttural growl followed by a metallic sounding scrape, as if something sharp had just been scratched across a field stone. Some creature, possible a rabid coyote or some other night predator was close, and not as usual to be scared off, like most night creatures, seemed to be following along with them, almost stalking them. 

The 2 instinctively quickened their pace, moving rapidly towards the next street light, some 100 yards away in the fog. Branches and brush along the woods next to the road, began to crack and move quickly along side of the 2 now fleeing women. Just beyond the street lamp, probably 200 yards was the nuns retreat. If they ran, they could make it. They both, being fit, quickened there pace, and moved first for the light, and then towards the house. As they reached the street light, Nun 2 stumbled on a loose piece of gravel, and went down. The flashlight in her hand skittering into the ditch, and going out on impact.

Nun 1 seeing her companion go down, stopped and turned to help her up, and she shouldered her as Nun 2 limped towards the street light abandoning the flashlight. 

The pursuit noises had stopped since the fall, and no longer branches or noise from the woods met them through the swirling fog. Nun 1 let Nun 2 lean against the light post, and catch her breath, while she quickly examined her bleeding and scraped knee. Whatever had been in pursuit had seemed to have given up the chase. 

After a minute Nun 1 said, "We can make it to the house, where we can take a better look at the knee, and maybe ice it." With that she draped Nun 2's arm over her shoulder, and began to lead her towards the house. Nun 2 stopped at the edge of the street lamps circle of light, and pointed in the direction of the house. 

A dark shape was now charging towards them out of the fog. They could see clear enough the glowing red eyes, and that it was no coyote, since it came at them on 2 legs.

Nun 2 fell back, and from a sitting position, crawled back and rested against the street lamp. Nun 1 moved back into the light, and seeing her friend down and not moving, had no options, except to abandon her and run, or stay and try and protect her, with no weapon in hand.

The creature, for in fact it was a creature, stopped suddenly as it almost passed over the circle edge of light. It made the same growling noise, and both nuns could't quite make out what it was. Only that it was dark, and larger then a man around 7 feet, or more.

Nun 1 fell to her knees and began to recite the lords prayer, and Nun 2 joined in and together they prayed, to keep the creature from entering the light. They knew that it was no bear, or escaped circus animal, what was out there circling the barrier of light was an unknown.

Neither would admit to it being a devil, or mention bigfoot or some other such mythical creature, they just knew that if it came into the light they were dead. The creature, with the glowing red eyes, continued to circle, looking for a weakness in the light barrier. At times, it would disappear, only to reappear in another direction, as if it was daring one of them to run for shelter.

The 2 Nuns prayed the rest of the night, and at first light, around 5 a.m. the creature had vanished. Still the 2 would not leave the safety of the circle of light. At a preset time, the street light went out, and both Nun's ran for the house. Not stopping to rest, they quickly packed and left the point, never to return.

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