Dracula - The Legend

Gary Oldman & Winona Ryder  | Movie Still from the 1992 film Dracula


The name of the already well-known Wallachian prince became even more famous after Bram Stoker from Dublin (1847-1912) has published his novel "Dracula" in 1897. The author was a stage director, member inthe Golden Dawn parapsychologic association in London and a pasionate researcher of Irish and Hindoo vampirism. His novel, published in millions of copies, has as its main hero a vampire, Szekler count, named Dracula. The action develops against a Transylvanian background about which the author himself says: " I read that every known superstition in the world is gathered into the horseshoe of the Carpathians, as if were the centre of some sort of imaginative whirlpool."

In the first pages of this book we meet a young attorney (Jonathan Harker) who has been asked to journey out to Dracula's castle to arrange certain real estate transactions. Harker's carriage, driven by a man whose hands are claws, hurtles at the edges of precipices until he is finally discharged in the darkness to be met and taken to Dracula's castle. There, everything is more or less as we expect it, only much more so. His staying there becomes full of terror as he finds out part of Count's secrets. He writes a diary for his fiancee, Mina Murray, who is waiting for him in England. Think of the monstrous ego of the vampire. He thinks himself so important that he is willing to live forever, even under the dreary conditions imposed by his condition. Avoiding the sun, sleeping in coffins, feared by all, he nurses his resentments.

The Count leaves to London. One of his victims, Lucy Westenra, is a free spirit who has three suitors and is Mina's best friend. Lucy becomes an Un-Dead after her death. Her soul is saved by Lord Arthur and his friends: Dr. Seward, Professor Van Helsing and Quincey Morris. Mina becomes the next target. Professor Van Helsing is the brain behind all the actions against The Count. Using his magical powers, Dracula is cooling off his thirst with Mina's blood. Will she become an "undead" too? Her friends are decided to not let this happen. Without a safe place to rest Dracula is forced to go back home, in Transylvania.

The story has a happy end. After following for days the group in charge with delivering the chest containing Dracula's body, Dr. Steward, Quincey Morris, Jonathan and Van Helsing managed to do their job right in the last minute of the sunset. On the instant, came the sweep and flash of Jonathan's great knife through his throat whilst at the same moment Mr. Morris's bowie knife plunged into the heart.

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Published: 1997