Ka - Ancient Egyptian Vampire Mythology

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Ka - Egyptian Astral Being

Ka is an ancient Egyptian name used in reference to the astral being. The ancient Egyptians believed Ka was the supervising entity for all human mortality. Ka was viewed by the Egyptians as a spiritual double which continued to exist after death among the living A guide in the physical world, so to speak. The translation of death in ancient Egypt was "going to one's Ka". The ba, or soul of a human, remained very close with the "Ka" in burial.

Ka - First "Vampire" Origination

Burying the dead was of religious concern in Egypt, and Egyptian funerary rituals and equipment eventually became the most elaborate the world has ever known. The Egyptians believed that the vital life-force was composed of several psychical elements, of which the most important was the ka. The ka, a duplicate of the body, accompanied the body throughout life and, after death, departed from the body to take its place in the kingdom of the dead.

The ka, however, could not exist without the body; every effort had to be made, therefore, to preserve the corpse. Bodies were embalmed and mummified according to a traditional method supposedly begun by Isis, who mummified her husband Osiris. In addition, wood or stone replicas of the body were put into the tomb in the event that the mummy was destroyed. The greater the number of statue-duplicates in his or her tomb, the more chances the dead person had of resurrection.

As a final protection, exceedingly elaborate tombs were erected to protect the corpse and its equipment. Offerings of physical sustenance, (food, wine, etc) where conducted daily. These offerings were to ensure that the Ka did not have to wander to other sites in search of sustenance. The idea that the Ka leaving the tomb could perhaps be the basis of the popular belief that vampires originated from Egypt.

Supported Vampire Theory by Lecturer, Vincent Hillyer

One example of this belief was taught by lecturer, Vincent Hillyer, (also vice president of the Count Dracula Fan Club, and board member of the American Chapter of the Transylvania Society of Dracula) (1930-). Vincent Hillyer's theory of vampirism was based upon the existence of the astral body, a subtle duplicate of the physical body, or Ka, as used by the ancient Egyptians. The literature of psychic research has documented the travels of the astral body normally while a person is asleep. The astral body needs the physical body as it's home, and after death of the physical body, the astral body tried to feed the body to keep it from decaying. The food source being living humans.

Metaphorically, Hillyer defines the process of intake of blood by the astral body as the Hemolytic Factor. He propounds that the astral body perforates the physical body of the victim. The blood in the astral body then causes a process of hemolysis, (the degeneration of red blood cells and the release of hemoglobin) within the victim. In the resulting emancipation of red corpuscles, the astral body collects the blood cells and transports them back to it's own host body. Hillyer also believes that all living persons who are knowledgeable in occult practices, can become intentional psychic vampires.

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Published On: August 5, 2012 (Rev. from 2007)