Upior and Upierzcya - Vampire of Poland

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Upior and Upierzcya - Vampire of Poland

Upior (also known as Upier (male) and Upierzcya (female) This species and it’s name derives from the Eastern Slavic Country, primarily Poland. It is also a species that is different than that of those found in neighboring Eastern Europe, with the exception of the upyr.

It’s distinguished attributes are that of its sharped barbed tongue in which it uses to consume enormous amounts of blood, and, its sleeping schedule. This creature would sleep most of the night, rising between noon and midnight. They are quite legendary among the undead for their unsatiable thirst. These vampires are obsessed with blood, they are never able to get enough no matter how much blood they intake, they even like to sleep in it. The Upior also likes to consume the winding sheet that was used for its funeral.

The Poles carefully took a few preventive measures with the dead so that they would not become this dreaded creature. They would bury the dead face down with a cross of willow placed under the armpits, chest, or chin of the deceased. They also used large amounts of earth to bury the body deep within the ground. For further protection, the family of the deceased would eat what they called blood bread, made by mixing the vampire blood with flour in a form of baked bread. This, was thought to make them immune to any attacks of a vampire. Staking and decapitation were recommended as well.

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