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Are You Undermining Yourself And Your Magick?

Black MagickAre you taking the steps to create your own reality, but not getting the results you are hoping for? Does your magick seem ineffective? ...

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Surviving The Magickal Rut

MagickHave you ever experienced the, "Magickal Rut" before? I know I have and I think it's easier for Solitaries to tumble upon this than our sisters in covens because...

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That Old Black Magic: Getting Specific about Magical Ethics

Old Black MagickSometimes a cliche just wears out. It loses meaning or, worse, begins to say things we never meant. I think it's time to retire...

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Rose's Apple Heart Ache Cleansing Spell

Apple SpellThis very special spell will work to release the negative energies of "heart ache", and send them back ...

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