Are You Undermining Yourself And Your Magick?

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Are you taking the steps to create your own reality, but not getting the results you are hoping for? Does your magick seem ineffective? Are you tired of not getting results?

The problem may be you! In fact, the problem is you! How can I point my finger in blame?

Because you are the sole creator of your reality! No one else is able to give input to your existence! This may not seem to be true to you, but that's because you are creating events in your life that prove to you that your beliefs are true. No matter what those beliefs are! If you believe others can bring you down, you attract a situation into your life that proves to you that others can bring you down. Then you experience that, and affirm it to yourself. That affirmation is another act of creation, and brings more of the same. This is how it works!

So the first thing you need to do is to sit down and honestly ask yourself: Do I undermine myself?

If you put tons of energy and thought and passion into a ritual or a spell, you have performed your function in the creation mechanism. What you asked for will come to pass. Now here's where most of us go wrong. Because results don't manifest instantly, we must wait. While we wait, many of us begin to question if what we did will be effective. We begin to plant seeds of doubt in our own minds, and the more energy we give to this process, the faster we create our reality around our new spell. This new spell is basically: "My magick is ineffective. That spell I performed isn't working and isn't going to work."

Now the way to circumvent this process, which I think most magicians run into when first practicing magick, is to find ways to redirect our energy so that we don't interfere in our own creative processes. Once you finish a spell, you release your intent and all of the energy and symbolism you have created into the universe. At that point in time, you have created what you desired - it is on its way to you! Now you need to make sure you allow this creation to come into being. You have done your initial part, the universe will do its part, and the ball falls back into your court one more time for this very important concept: receiving!

When you think about whatever it is you were trying to create, maintain a sense of patience. Each time you begin to think of your spell or goal again, simply affirm to yourself that your desire is coming to pass in its own perfect way, in its own perfect time. Then release it - stop thinking about it. If you have a negative feeling about it, bring yourself into a good feeling and then think about your goal again. Feel good about it. Then release it and redirect your thoughts towards something else.

In the beginning, this may take some work, but pretty soon you will find yourself trusting the process, and not feeling the need to second-guess yourself or your magick. At this point, manifestation of your desires will begin to accelerate and your abilities as a creator will quickly become more and more apparent. Ultimately, you will take the reigns as the creator of your own reality.

© John Paul Owens


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