Rose's Apple Heart Ache Cleansing Spell

Apple Spell


This very special spell will work to release the negative energies of "heart ache", and send them back into the cosmos from where they came

We'll call this one "Rose's Apple Heart Ache Cleansing".


Gather a "diced" apple, honey, and cayenne pepper, along with the things you'd normally have on your altar.


Check your Internal and External sacred spaces - and cast your circle by following the DVDs in the Home Academy or The Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft. (including calling quarters or anything else you wish to invite to this ritual for help) As you are doing this, acknowledge (and think about) the pain you are feeling - but do it from a place of "calm" inside of you. Think about how the pain is temporary... and how time will heal this wound, no matter how hard it is to believe.


Light your diety candles, and light a protection based incense (if you have one)


Lay the diced apple on a plate, on your alter, and cover the pieces with honey, and cayenne pepper. As you are doing this, visualize that the honey is the "love" connection that you have with the person you are hurting over. As you sprinkle the cayenne pepper, visualize this as the pain that you are feeling. Almost "see" the pain coming out from your heart and into the cayenne pepper.


Check your belief... make sure that in your heart, you believe that you have released your pain into the cayenne pepper - and that, above all, you believe that this spell will release some pain from your heart.


If you are using incense, visualize the pain and heartache dispersing into the air through the smoke of the incense.


When you feel a calmness about you - and are confident you have released some of the bad energies filling your heart, thank your deities, snuff out the candles and open your circle. Take the diced apples with honey and cayenne pepper and bury them in a hole in the ground away from your home...

When done properly, this spell is extremely effective in helping to "get over" a broken heart. It's really the first step in "moving on" and finding Love that is "right" for you.

Repeat this little spell at least once or twice a week at first (or more if you are still having a hard time). The reason for the repetition is that your "mind" will re-fill your heart with more sadness, and you must continually release the pain.

Matters of the heart are very delicate, and I'd appreciate it if you'd print this article and put it somewhere you can find it - if you ever need it.

© Rose Ariadne
Published: June 10, 2006


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