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So you've decided to become a witch, huh? Whether you're interested in completely changing your religion (or paradigm) or are just curious about spells, there is some basic knowledge that you must know. Learning about energy, for instance, is the underlining bases for all occult practices. Witches know all about energy, and if you're interested in witchcraft, you need to know it as well.

Energy surrounds us. It is everywhere. I don't mean to sound like Master Yoda, but it really is. Energy is a vibrational force field that binds the Universe together. When you get started with your witchcraft studies, you will need to take a few minutes each day to relax, meditate, and attempt to feel the energy around you. The only way to describe is that it will give you a "tingly" feeling. Monitor your breathing. Take long, slow deep breaths. Meditating and breathing are excellent ways to create energy.

Another thing you need to learn for beginner witchcraft is how to do a proper banishing. A witch does a banishing in order to get rid of any negative energy hanging around. Since you're a beginner witch, it won't be a good thing at all for you if there is a lot of negative energy surrounding you. Don't panic or get frightened though, just learn how to do a proper banishing, such as the LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram). Banishing will also get rid of any possible malevolent spirits that may be hanging around, just as long as you take the time to banish properly.

Magickal correspondences are also very important to learn for a newbie witch. You'll need to study the magickal correspondences of: the elements, moon phases, hours, days, herbs, crystals, cardinal directions, and more. There are many resources available for learning magickal correspondences for witchcraft found online. While all the information may seem overwhelming at first, you can learn very easy by starting your very own book of shadows and writing everything down.

You don't have to be highly experienced with witchcraft to start your very own book of shadows. Just write your notes, thoughts, and even dreams in it. Keep track of all your experiences, and before you know it, you may even start writing your own spells!

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