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Hex - Old World witchery Shop in Salem, MA


A news article I read a few months back that is no longer available online, got me thinking about local occult/metaphysical stores. For many of us, when we need to purchase something, we make use of the convenience of online purchasing. But have you ever taken a moment and looked in the phone book for a local occult or metaphysical store?

Sometimes, in the smallest of cities, there is a good chance of you finding at least one store. I live in a small city in the upper Midwest that is primarily conservative Christian and to my surprise we have three or four, if you include the "New Age" shops.

These stores are owned by small business owners that need our patronage. Some advantages of visiting your local store include many classes that are available. Here, where I live, one store offers readings, tarot classes, mediation classes and reiki classes. While many of these local stores do have online shopping available, you are still missing out on direct help with your purchases and direct interaction with others.

When you support your local shop you are also connecting with others who share your ideas, practices or beliefs. Show them you appreciate what they are doing. Even, if you just stop by and look around. You may be surprised at what you may find right outside your front door.

While I'm not discouraging people from purchasing online, I believe for some, many of these online stores offer supplies that may not be available from their local merchants. In today's economy, I feel we all could do a small part by purchasing local.

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Article Image: © Raevyn - Hex - Old World Witchery Shop, Salem, MA
Original Publish Date: October 5, 2011