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Alpine - Apache Sitgreaves National Forests – Diamond Rock Camp

Diamond Rock Campground -Alpine, ArizonaOnce called home to the Apache Indians; this campground in the White Mountains sits alongside the East Fork of the Black River. The campsite is located in a valley, shaded by tall ponderosa pines and it is rumored to be the site of alot of paranormal activity. According to reports, photographic anomalies of a phantom woman have appeared in photos taken here at the camp. Strange sounds and noises have also been heard here by many visitors. People who visit the area report an uneasy feeling about the place and a feeling of being watched as well.
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Bisbee - Oliver House Bed and Breakfast

Oliver House Bed and Breakfast - Bisbee, ArizonaIn the Grandma room a older lady died of natural causes and seems to stay in the residence as a kind of protector. She moves the rocking chair and prefers to rock in front of the window. She is seen late at night in the room, either in the rocking chair or dusting the room. People staying in the Purple Sage room have witnessed the shutters and doors opening and closing by themselves.
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Tombstone - Big Nose Kate's Saloon building

Big Nose Kate's Saloon - Tombstone, ArizonaBig Nose Kate’s Saloon Building can be found on 417 East Allen Street. Allen Street was the main drag which ran into the old town of Tombstone, and Big Nose Kate’s Saloon was located in the very center of it.

The Big Nose Kate's Saloon Building opened in 1881, as a high class establishment, called The Grand Hotel, a classy place where the weary rested their heads, enjoyed fine dining, and a good brew in the basement bar. Local people, cowboys, miners, out of town travelers all enjoyed having a nice hotel in town. It probably hosted social events, like weddings as well. Wyatt and Virgil Earp, the Clantons and the McLaurys all stayed here a number of times. The Clantons and the McLaurys had stayed here the night before three of them were killed at the shoot out at the OK corral, which occurred on Wednesday, October 26th, 1881 around 3:00 pm.

A business-oriented, prosperous ex-prostitute, known by the name of Big Nose Kate, Mary Katharine Harmony, owned the Grand Hotel. Originally from Texas, Kate saved Doc Holiday’s life by busting him out of jail in Texas. Though they never got married, Doc Holiday was eternally grateful to her, and they had a long lasting relationship. They lived together in Tombstone for many years.

Many people have reported witnessing paranormal activity here inside the building. An entity of a man, called Felix by the staff, dressed in 1880’s attire is seen wandering around the halls and rooms of the building. Another entity, this one a nicely dressed female entity, has been seen also dressed in 1880’s attire, with shoulder-length ringlets, holding a parasol. She has been seen standing in the halls and also has been spotted enjoying the musical entertainment from the balcony. A male entity, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, has been seen sitting at the bar in the basement area. Two cowboy ghosts have also been seen here as well as in the first floor bar too.

Two mannequins which were placed on the closed off balcony, have been known to be moved by an unknown presence. After hours, the owner, his brother, and a few friends were sitting at a table, when the female mannequin suddenly fell off of the balcony onto the floor below. The male mannequin was then seen turning its head. Glasses on the bars and tables have also been known to move by themselves.

Booted footsteps and jingling spurs have been heard on the stairs from the first floor to the basement, and in the first floor saloon as well. Witnesses have even heard disembodied voices coming from the basement area even when its suppose to be empty. This building is supposedly very haunted. There are many eye witness accounts here, and paranormal investigations have come up with some interesting results.
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Tombstone - Buford House Bed and Breakfast

Buford House - Bed and Breakfast - Tombstone, ArizonaLocated at 113 East Safford Street in Tombstone, Arizona. This adobe home was built in the 1880’s by George Buford, a prominent mine owner. Before becoming the bed and breakfast of today, it was called home to two sheriffs, a mayor, a state senator, and none other than Hollywood star John Wayne.

Today, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who committed suicide here after his girl rejected him. Both the owners and guests have seen this ghost walking around inside of the house, as well as along the street in front of the old adobe structure. Often, the doorbell rings in the middle of the night, seemingly of its own accord. Others have reported hearing knocking on walls, faucets turning themselves on and off, and strange lights appearing. Some women have reported feeling someone touching their hair or stroking the back of their necks, even when no one was around them. And people have caught orbs, and strange lights appearing on photographs taken here at the Buford house.
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Prescott - Hassyampa Inn

Located at 122 East Gurley Street in Prescott, Arizona. The Hassyampa Inn opened in 1927 as the Prescott’s grand hotel. Almost from the start, trajedy befell on the hotel. A newlywed honeymoon couple checked into the hotel as one of its first guests. The couple was checked into the balcony suite, and the groom soon stepped out to buy a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. After three days of waiting, the devastated bride killed herself by hanging herself off of the bell tower above her room.

Hassyampa Inn - Prescott, ArizonaToday her ghost, called Faith, apparently continues to wait for her long lost love. Numerous sightings of her spirit have been seen throughout the years here in the inn. She has been seen crying at the end of a bed, standing on a balcony holding flowers, and floating through the hallways in a pink gown. She is also thought to be behind such pranks as shutting off the gas burners in the kitchen, spilling coffee, and flapping bed sheets too. In addition to the forlorn bride a child spirit is also thought to lurk within the hotel. Although never seen, the child ghost has been heard by a number of guest. A bouncing ball is often heard coming from different areas of the hotel as well as the sound of a childs laughter.
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Yuma - Hotel Lee

Hotel Lee - Yuma, ArizonaBuilt in 1917 in the Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style, the Hotel Lee is Yuma’s oldest hotel. Located on a corner of what was once the busy Main Street of Yuma at the southern terminus of the commercial district, the hotel has been full restored today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It is also allegedly haunted by at least three different female spirits. The first spirit is that of the original owner who has been seen walking down the halls at night and has been known to knock and rattle the doors of the rooms. An Indian woman, thought to predate the hotel has also been seen here at the hotel most often hovering above the guest beds. Employees also blame her for moving tools and other small items only to replace them in odd places. The third ghost is that of a young teenage girl who has been spied walking down the back hall in the evening sometimes carrying towels.
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