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Alameda - U.S.S. Hornet

Side Shot of the USS Hornet CV-12, Alameda, CaliforniaThe U.S.S. Hornet CV-12, also known as “The Gray Ghost” is another site famous for military ghost stories. The Hornet was a pre-World War II vessel that is now a museum docked at Alameda, California. This aircraft carrier played a vital role in major WWII battles of the Pacific. She also helped to carry troops home at the end of the war. She was in service during Korea and Vietnam, and was also used to recover astronauts returning from the moon. Over 300 sailors lost their lives while serving on this ship.

Over the years, crew and visitors alike have reported hundreds of paranormal incidents. The Hornet quickly became known as America’s most-haunted ship. Doors open and close by themselves. Tools disappear and reappear. Objects have even been witnessed moving across the deck. It’s common for visitors to hear voices and feel like they’ve been touched by unseen hands. Many have even seen spectral sailors moving through the ship, carrying our orders from a bygone age.
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Beverly Hills - Greystone (Doheny) Mansion

Greystone (Doheny) Mansion - Beverly Hills, CaliforniaNight-shift groundskeepers will not stay employed, due to sounds, and screams inside the house. There are some sections that are gated and padlocked that have not been kept up in the home due to this.
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Clovis - Andelberry Estate

Andelberry Estate /Wolfe Manor - Clovis, CaliforniaAndelberry Estate (also called Wolf Manor) was constructed in the 1920’s by an Italian immigrant, Todd Andriotti, in a competition between brothers-in-law trying to have the best house. The house was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Brashears. The Brashears converted the house to a sanitarium, which opened in 1942. The sanitarium, called Clovis Sanitarium, was overcrowded and understaffed. Clovis Sanitarium was large enough to hold between 100-150 patients at a time, but often held many more, housing some in the hallways. Due to being short-staffed, death was rampant in Clovis Sanitarium. There was no morgue, so the dead were left in the basement until the bodies could be picked up, sometimes for days at a time. Former employees tell of abuse, neglect, and terrible conditions suffered by the patients. The house was eventually sold for use as a convalescent home. Thousands of people died within the walls of Clovis Sanitarium before it closed its doors in 1997.

One of the most famous rooms in the house for paranormal activity is Mary's Room. Allegedly, if a person moves a chair, she will move it back. Visitors claim to hear sounds of a hospital ward when standing in the Red Room. In addition, visitors to the basement feel as if they are being followed. Several visitors have claimed to bring home a male guest and having to drive back to the manor to return him. Reports of the man inside Andelberry Estate include smelling cigar smoke, hearing his deep voice, and movements of objects. Another popular claim of paranormal activity at Andelberry Estate is reports of 9-1-1 calls. The estate no longer has phone lines or a security system, but police have responded to calls multiple times.

After several personal experiences, Wolfe opened Andelberry Estate to California paranormal investigators. Andelberry Estate was featured on the Syfy show “Ghost Hunters” and the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures”. The house was also used for tours where amateur ghost hunters can get a chance to try their hand. Plans to convert Andelberry Estate into a hotel are currently in the works.
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Grass Valley - Holbrooke Hotel

Haunted Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley, CaliforniaThe Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley California has housed many famous residents including Mark Twain and three US Presidents. It was also home to the famous suicide gambler, a man who slit his throat and was found dead in a pool of blood (his suicide letter can be found at the Doris Foley Library in Nevada City). But what it is famous for are its disembodied guests, namely the ghosts that have haunted the place since the early days. Indeed, the hotel has plenty of history and enough weird occurences to draw curiosity seekers from the far corners of the Earth. Aside from chairs moving across the floor, lights turning on and off, and voices lingering in the air, guests report hearing the sounds of little ghost children jumping on old mattress springs, as well as sighting the notable cowboy ghost who appears only from waist up and a Victorian-dressed maid who walks the halls.
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Long Beach - RMS Queen Mary

Haunted RMS Queen Mary - Long Beach, CaliforniaInternationally recognized, the historic floating hotel and museum attracts thousands of visitors every year. It has also attracted a number of unearthly guests over the years. In fact, some say the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places in the world with as many as 150 known spirits lurking upon the ship. Over the past 60 years, the Queen Mary has been the site of at least 49 reported deaths, not to mention having gone through the terrors of war, so it comes as no surprise that spectral spirits of her vivid past continue to walk within her rooms and hallways.

Located 50 feet below water level is the Queen Mary's engine room, which is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. Used in the filming of the Poseidon Adventure, the room's infamous "Door 13" crushed at least two men to death, at different points during the ship's history. The most recent death, during a routine watertight door drill in 1966, crushed an 18 year-old crew member. Dressed in blue coveralls and sporting a beard, the young man has often been spied walking the length of Shaft Alley before disappearing by door #13.

Two more popular spots for the Queen’s other worldly guests are its first and second class swimming pools. Though neither are utilized today for their original purpose, spirits seemingly are not aware of that. In the first class swimming pool, which has been closed for more than three decades, women have often been seen appearing in 1930’s style swimming suits wandering the decks near the pool. Others have reported the sounds of splashing and spied wet footprints leading from the deck to the changing rooms. Some have also spied the spirit of a young girl, clutching her teddy bear. In the second class poolroom, the spirit of another little girl named Jackie is often been seen and heard. The unfortunate girl drowned in the pool during the ship’s sailing days and reputedly refused to move on, as her voice, as well as the sounds of laughter has been captured here.

In the Queen’s Salon, which once served as the ship’s first-class lounge, a beautiful young woman in an elegant white evening gown has often been seen dancing alone in the shadows of the corner of the room. Yet more odd occurrences have been made in a number of first-class staterooms. Here, reports have been made of a tall dark haired man appearing in a 1930’s style suit, as well as water running and lights turning on in the middle of the night, and phones ringing in the early morning hours with no one on the other end of the line. In the third class children’s playroom, a baby’s cry has often been heard, which is thought to be the infant boy who died shortly after his birth.

Other phenomenon occurring throughout the ship, are the sounds of distinct knocks, doors slamming and high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes, and the aromas of smells long past. These are but a few of the many reports of apparitions and strange events occurring at this luxury liner turned hotel. Today, the Queen Mary, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, provides not only a wide range of guest rooms for travelers, but also 14 Art Deco salons, tours, restaurants, shops, and exhibits.
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Los Angeles - The Comedy Store

Haunted - The Comedy Store - Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California is reportedly haunted by prankster ghosts that will reset a room prepared for the evening or stack a mountain of chairs within seconds if no one is in the room. It is also claimed a dark entity exists in the basement that comedians Blake Clark and Joey Gaynor claim to have witnessed manifest.

It is commonly believed that the ghosts and spiritual unrest of today's Comedy Store stem from this dark era of the building's history. Witness' claim that a mysterious man in a brown leather World War II bomber jacket has been seen in the office upstairs as well as the kitchen and other locations in the club. He often appears to be hiding or crouching before vanishing into thin air. Could this be one of Mickey Cohen's victims?

Additionally, there are claims of disembodied moans, voices, cries and even snarls coming from the infamous basement, as well as phantom men in suits in the back of the main room, and a presence believed to be a former hit-man that employees refer to as "Gus." Chairs are said to slide across the floor by themselves. One witness even saw an ashtray float above a table.

However, the most famous story about the ghosts of the Comedy Store involves comedian Sam Kinison, a former preacher, whose loud, frenzied style of delivery always seemed to stir up paranormal activity. Strange audio and electrical problems would only occur during his sets, including mysterious hisses over the speakers that sounded suspiciously like someone repeatedly chanting "It's him!" One night after such problems, Kinison challenged the ghost from on stage to stop playing around and to make its presence known to everyone. At that moment, the lights in the club went out instantly, leaving everyone in pitch blackness. After a beat, the lights came back on by themselves. Everyone in the room gasped.

Lastly, there are two curious stories concerning the pavement just outside the Comedy Store's entrance. First, in 1960, a gas line under Sunset ruptured and large blue flames shot out of every crack in the sidewalk along the facade of the building. Though the curtain of blue flames didn't actually touch the building (or cause any damage), everyone inside was trapped until the firemen could figure out how to stop the eerie-looking fire.

Then, in 1979, a relatively unknown comedian named Steve Lubetkin unsuccessfully tried to organize comedians to go on strike for higher wages. Depressed, and banned from this venue, he went to the top of the Continental Hyatt House (now known as the Andaz West Hollywood) and jumped 13 stories to his death, landing next to the Comedy Store's entrance. His suicide note said "My name is Steve Lubetkin. I used to work at the Comedy Store." Some have theorized that his sad spirit still haunts the premises, wanting to perform one last time.

Most believe that the Comedy Store is one of the most haunted buildings in Hollywood. Is it? Come out, have a drink, and find out for yourself.
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Pasadena - The Eden Garden Bar & Grill

The Haunted Eden Garden Bar & Grill - Pasadena, CaliforniaBuilt in the 1920’s, this gothic church-like building began life as a mortuary and funeral home, and was the home of “Turner & Stevens Co.” whose motto was “serving over 36,000 families since 1895.” Today, one can get service of another kind (namely table service) in this same “den of death.” Ironically, one of Pasadena’s best gourmet restaurants operates in the room that used to the garage/carriage house where the hearse was kept. This may explain why customers over the years have heard the sounds of a horse’s spirit residing in this space. Also, the ghost of an African-American worker in overalls and a yellow shirt has been spotted in the back of the restaurant adjacent to the restrooms. Some claim this playful phantom prankster is also responsible for locking the door to the ladies’ room, and trapping its female occupants

But, the apparitional activity in this restaurant is just the tip of this building’s “cold spot” ice-berg. The whole brick and stone structure (which houses other businesses) is known to be very haunted with disembodied whispers and phantom footsteps heard all over the building. The ghost of a scantily-dressed prostitute has been seen, as well as a vanishing red-headed little girl. Perhaps the strangest phenomenon associated with this building is the “rotting corpse odor” that some say materializes in the basement near the vaults where the deceased were stored decades ago.

Though never proven, there is a legend that an illegal “speak-easy” operated out of the building, using the funeral home as its cover. Furthermore, it is said that an urn containing the ashes of a former Pasadena mayor, who crossed the local gangsters, and then went missing, was found in the walls during a remodel.
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Visalia - Cinema 1-2-3

Haunted Old Cinema 1-2-3, Visalia, CaliforniaIn the lobby there have been 3 different kids seen roaming around and following many of the visitors. When you shine your flashlight on them the light does not go through them. But yet they are still transparent. There have been unusual screaming and banging from inside the old theater. Many eyewitnesses have seen reenactments of an 11 yr old boy being thrown off the roof by a shadow like figure. There have been accounts of over 300 spirits inhabiting this theater. Some of the stories about this place date back into the 1800s.

Update 9-30-2012 - There have been reports that the cinema is no longer in existence and has been torn down.
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