A Sister's Presence

Funeral Mourning


In July, my sister passed away. She was in a car accident and had been hit head on by a Semi Tractor Trailer Truck. If she wasn't the sweetest and nicest person on this earth, I really don't know who would be. My mother said "She wouldn't scare us and visit us because even though I love her, I don't know how I would take seeing her spirit". But on the day of my sister's funeral she made her presence known. Even though we couldn't see her, we all knew she was there.

When they started taking her casket away the tears fell down harder. One of my sisters ran up to her casket and my dad was scared she was going to do something crazy like try to pull her out of her casket, so he tried to grab her and she pushed him off and started yelling. When they took my sister away the church started to clear out but there were still some people in there.

My sister sat there crying and yelling and my pastor went to go talk to her. He said "I know you are a strong believer in God" and in the church there are windows that are high up that open inwards and right when my sister yelled "NOOOO!" Three of the windows closest to her slammed.. one after the other.

Everyone looked up and a lot of people were rushing to get out of the church.. I heard someone say "Oh we got to get out of here!" Many people think there is an explanation for what happened.. but there really isn't. There wasn't any wind at all and as heavy as those windows are there is no way they could have closed on their own. They didn't just close they slammed shut. When my sister was still alive and she would get mad she slammed everything. Doors, cabinets, etc... We all knew it was her but of course you have those who don't believe.

But that wasn't the only thing that happened around that time. Before that my sisters best friend said that her Aunt was doing laundry and she heard a girls voice, crying outside. She thought it was her niece crying because of my sisters passing but when she looked outside she saw no one.

There were many other strange things that happened. My Aunt taped the whole funeral. But when she went to play the tape nothing showed up. That also goes for the pictures that were taken of her in her casket. I think she was trying to tell us that she didnt want us to remember her like that.

You can believe it or not. But I know in my heart that my sister was there even though we couldn't see her.... she was there.