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Photography and Ghosts

Ghost in Hallway at Hawthorne HotelThere is more to photography than just capturing an image. There are entire disciplines of science dedicated to it. You can quickly step out of the realm of a photographer...

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Investigating Poltergeist Phenomena

Real PoltergeistIn poltergeist cases, typical reported disturbances include strange noises and knockings, and objects moving about as if under their own power. Objects have been reported to fly about ...

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Investigating Hauntings

Haunted PlacesMost people think of a haunting as a place, or sometimes an object such as a piece of furniture, that is occupied or "possessed" by "ghosts" of "spirits." People generally consider...

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Investigating Apparitions

SpiritsBetter known as "ghosts," appear to be some form of the human mind (consciousness, personality, soul, spirit) that functions apart from the body and may survive the death of the body. ...

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