A Possible Scientific Explanation for Ghosts

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Almost everyone has had an encounter of some kind with paranormal activity, whether it be a restless spirit, a poltergeist, a beloved deceased relative, or in some cases a supernatural being.

There have been countless movies based on ghosts and many people have photographs of activity in their house and there are television shows on the Sci-fi channel about a team called TAPS that actually documents their findings with their video camera for the national audience to see and think about. But is there scientific proof of ghosts?

The DNA of Ghosts

Brian A. Schill of the American Society of Paranormal Research and Investigation explains his theory on ghosts in his book The DNA of Ghosts. He states that every living being has a bio-electric cycle that functions at 60 Hz. This cycle,he says, enables our hearts, brains, and central nervous systems to function and communicate within the organism itself.

Examining the medical truth within the context of the first law of thermodynamics (which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed), we are able to recognize that two- thirds of our life experience exists within our intangible mind and spirit (life force, soul, etc.), while the third part is made up of our physical body. If two-thirds of our total existence is in the form of intangible energy, what happens to this energy when we die?

The DNA of Ghosts State:

"When a person dies, the bio-electric energy is released from the body into the local environment where it may perform one of two actions. The unconscious energy may dissipate into the local environment and there will essentially be no manifestation thereafter or it may, through covalent bonding, remain in the local environment and attach itself to a certain place or object that the person was attached to in life, or any place that has an electron deficit (this is the theory behind 'repeat' hauntings).

The energy may, upon rapid release from the physical body (such as in accidental death, tragic situations, or a rapid natural release, etc.) coagulate within the local environment over a short period of time, maybe only a couple of minutes or so, and amass to such a degree that the greater portion that was originally in the body has now become self-aware outside of the body." Psychological forces of will many also trigger this type of reaction. When the person becomes self-aware,he or she is usually very confused by the new form, which is pure energy rather than the physical shell we live in right now.

Investigators and observers have found over a period of many years of documenting hauntings that there are often three similarities between the cases. The first is that there are low-level electromagnetic field disruptions. These disruptions mostly fall between 3 to 100 milligauss (Mg). The cause of these is the intangible bio-magnetic field that makes up a ghost. This disruptive field would also explain why electronic devices malfunction on occasion.

The second that has been documented is that the air temerature often drops between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature drops are thought to be due to the unintentional attraction and condensation of free electrons in an environment. The condensing of an energy field leave a momentary void of heat in an area.

The third similarity is found in the infrared spectrum just below the level of visible light. This level if the electromagnetic spectrum seems to be where the greatest number if manifestations take place. Because infrared light borders on the lower portion of the spectrum of visible light, this could possibly explain why glimpses of entities are seen with the peripheral portion of the eye instead if within the direct line of sight.

Manifestations seen with peripheral vision also attract the attention of our unburdened subconscious rather than our conscious mind, which bears the fears of the social restriction and repression when we experience something that is out of the ordinary. Because of ghosts' placement on the electromagnetic spectrum, this may explain why cameras are able to photograph them, recorders are able to pick up their voices and so on.

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