Orbs: Paranormal Evidence?

Orbs in Cemetery Artist Unknown


Over the last few years there have been many people who have shared in their experience of seeing orbs throughout the internet. You can type "Orbs" in any search engine and return millions of hits. But are orbs proof of paranormal phenomenon? If you are a fan of Syfy's Ghost Hunters, you know that Jason and Grant usually claim that orb activity is either a bug or dust. Yet, many people claim that orbs are true paranormal evidence.

Recently I was reading an article titled "Why orbs shouldn't be used as evidence", and it really made me think why do so many people believe that orbs shown in a photo or video are proof of the paranormal? I think for many of us, we want to believe so badly in the paranormal and that we caught something on our cameras that we tend to throw rational thinking out the window.

I have to say over the years I've seen some very obvious fake orb phenomenon. Keep in mind if you use a digital camera that orbs can be brought about by the flash on your camera if it's too bright. Any orbs that appear to have 'legs' chances are it's some sort of insect. There's just too many technical reasons for 'orbs' showing up in a photo or on video. Remember, a little skepticism is a good thing and if you are unsure and you think you have captured something, ask someone else for their opinion, someone who has some training and experience in the paranormal would be ideal to ask.

If we want the Paranormal Field to be taking seriously by others who are new to the world of the paranormal or those nay sayers, those of us that do believe need to be more willing to throw a piece of video or photo out because it just doesn't show enough proof, and in the long run, by throwing those photos and videos out, we are actually helping people become more accepting of the Paranormal and those who work in the field.

© Branwen Emrys 2009


Artist: Unknown