Paranormal Belief: People May Just Believe!

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Where the paranormal is concerned, there are enough opinions out there spanning every genre of thought and every corner of the spectrum of belief ranging from the ardent atheist of any possible spiritual presence to the most staunch believer and devotee of the shaman of the shades that are nested amongst us all in the night.

Those who may get frequently caught up between the two extremes in today’s age are the people who sit on the fence with their own brands of individual experience and not all that much to draw direction from, except that which tends to appear on the horizons of so many others trying to make their proofs known. Interestingly, the motivation that promoted these thoughts was a short discussion that this author and spiritualist had with a family member who had an encounter of her own with her recently deceased husband. It became quickly apparent from her short dissertation into the experiences of so many others whom she had held conversations with on this topic, that the breadth in the number of people who she knew who had their own numerous experiences with a paranormal encounter was no less than astounding to her as were their own religious backgrounds.

One of the commonalities that rustled her wonder were the mean qualities to most of these people, namely that they were both in her words, "god fearing" as well as being individuals who also had reputations for retaining some sense of grounded skepticism to the quality of their lives. In plain language, this refers to their usual need to see something in order for them to believe it. Nowadays we seem to be living in the midst of a sensitized society to many of the qualities of the paranormal while presuming the nature of the "normal" is simply what can be seen and measured and interacted with thus placing its measure into documentary pleasure leaving what cannot be readily measured or documented into the "Para" categories of the proofs of the rule.

None of any of this sets the minds of those who have had, are in the midst of having, or those who in their pasts have been affected by some paranormal experience along with their personal comfort in hardly needing someone else to photograph or flash a chart of proof in their faces in order to set their own understanding on the road to their goals for enlightenment. Some it seems, do seem to simply see, possibly engage what they see or feel, and then come to accept that what they see, feel, hear, or interact with are indeed some "things" that for a lacking of the language of those who adopt the study as a means of their own explanations for what has happened, are what they simply seem to be. In other words, these souls trust their own intuitions and their own senses and do not need to have them validated for them or worse, to be approved by some liturgical authority in order for them to accept that there is a spiritual side to the manifest existence of all of life, and of the soulful or physical in character.

This author found himself a bit lighthearted at the way that these experiences were related and also found them a bit reinforcing to the latitude of the beliefs of others.

It frequently seems in today's world that if one see's something, feels something or what have you, and if this experience falls into the category of the "paranormal", instant proofs of some kind are frequently sought to validate the experience when this module to the mode of life may not always be in the order to the facts for many.

While this author himself accepts and has his own perceptive senses allowing him to interact with the spiritual constructs of existence, he never has sought to inject these into the experiences of others unless asked to do so, he also retains the most admired respect for those who dare to step out of the box and to seek greater and deeper levels of understanding along with the attempts to document them in some way.

In this conversation, this author was pleasantly called out and reminded of the sometimes forgotten qualities of some in the world who both tend to believe and affirm of their own experiences along with their own spiritual beliefs according, that what they see and what they experience simply is; and then they move along with their lives quite nicely thank you very much! It was an experience that broke the mold of the usual "I need to have it proved to believe it", and instead it became a thoughtful reminiscence that it just may be that there are more people than you may ever believe, that do in fact believe in the spiritual experiences of the universe and they never find themselves needing to call themselves out in public about it all to continue to believe what they believe.

When we think about the religiously spiritual devotees of the world as they affirm and are comforted through their own private spiritual beliefs as they are, it may help to also think that those same beliefs can and frequently are transposed as quite true about the affirmations of peoples own beliefs in ghosts, shades and things that go bump in the night. It is a supportive thought to those who also risk their reputations and their public personas by working diligently through their many efforts at investigating as they do and it may well help these good and devoted souls to yet again say that they are not as alone and set apart from the mainstream of so many others in the world as it frequently seems that they are.

It just may be that there are many more, and in fact countless more who simply choose to believe and do remain comfortable with their beliefs in the spiritual presences that are around them in a comfortable silence.

In fact:

  • Now that he thinks of it, this author can now remember his Grandmother speaking of such beliefs.
  • Now that he thinks of it, this author can recall hearing professors speaking of such beliefs.
  • Now that he thinks of it, this author can recall reading the thoughts of literary figures who had written of such beliefs.
  • Now that he thinks of it, this author can recall hearing in documentary form, of some Presidents who had related of such beliefs.

It just may be that those who believe and work so hard in the pursuits of paranormal research, paranormal investigation, and along the paths of documenting the spiritual presences that seem to so frequently avail themselves around so many in the world, that they are certainly not and have certainly not been so alone at all in the world as it can seem depicted at times.

It never fails you know; that just when one thinks one is all alone in what one believes, suddenly there are others right around you who pop up to dissolve the novelty of it all!

Thank goodness!

© WD Allan


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