California Paranormal Investigators


Directory listing of paranormal investigators, organizations and societies located in the state of California. All listings are categorized alphabetically by the name of the organizations location. If you are in the paranormal field and provide investigative services and assistance to those who are seeking guidance and help and would like to have your listing shown, please submit your listing information using our form.


  • Amped Paranormal Investigations
    Bakersfield, CA
    Kern County and outlining areas. Growing with every investigation, Our intent is to find the facts and share them with all interested. "Keep it safe, Keep it real"

    Rodney - Founder / Lead Investigator
    661.869.7311 or 661.735.5902

  • California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research (CSPAR)
    Corona, CA
    California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research (CSPAR) was founded for the purpose of assisting those being bothered by the unseen along with investigating and analyzing phenomena which is suspected to be of paranormal origin; that is, removed from what is currently understood and accepted as legitimate by prevailing scientific standards. CSPAR’s investigation team members are located throughout Southern California. This allows a rapid response to emergency situations in all areas of Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and LA counties.

    John J Fowler - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • 11th Hour Paranormal Research Society
    Fresno, CA
    We are dedicated to search for irrefutable proof as to their existence and to better understand this particular paranormal phenomena. We follow strict procedures in our investigations, utilizing handheld and technical equipment. We also use Para-psychic mediums that are trained in the parapsychology and spiritual fields. We approach each investigation with confidentiality, professionalism and practicality. We do paranormal investigations in houses and businesses. We also do house blessings and cleansings

    Chad and Crissy Campbell - Founder / Lead Investigator
    559.355.3522 or 559.704.8266

  • 3 AM Paranormal
    Long Beach, CA
    We travel the United States on a quest for answers into Paranormal claims. We started a meetup group out of California a few years back to teach others what we have learned so far and to take them to sites with us to experience it for themselves. We have also started a 3am Midwest in Missouri. We enjoy working with other teams to share ideas and evidence. Although 3AM was put together just a couple years ago, our team members have been investigating 22 yrs, 13 years etc.

    Joe Mendoza - Founder / Lead Investigator
    562.425.5610 or 564.704.8226

  • East Valley Paranormal Of Southern California
    Los Angeles, CA
    We serve the areas of Los Angeles, Orange County.... We serve communities through out Southern California. *If you are outside of this region please contact us to discuss Possible solutions. Historical Location Investigations and research. We have a great respect for Historical Locations and work carefully so as not to disturb the integrity of the location. We also investigate Residential Homes and businesses. We do offer house blessings if requested. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of investigating your location, or having historical research done for your location or family.

    Brian Dwyer - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • Association of Paranormal Study
    San Diego, CA
    We are passionate about the paranormal and collect thought-provoking evidence to bring back to the scientific community and skeptics of the paranormal. We are dedicated to seeking the truth in a caring and professional manner. We will take in evidence, interviews and help in any way we can to come to a positive resolution for the client. We are passionate and educated about the paranormal due to our own personal experiences and want to give back to our community. Depending on the severity of the haunting, we will consult a third party that we feel will help (psychic/medium, priest, psychiatrist, counseling, etc.)

    Areas Served: Areas Served San Diego County, Los Angeles, Orange County, El Centro. We are currently accepting new cases in the San Diego Country and Southern California region. If you are being disturbed by an unknown entity and want answers and a resolution, please visit our Case Submissions page and fill out the form. We do not charge to investigate.

    Alex Matsuo - Founder

  • South Coast Paranormal
    San Diego, CA
    Serving the greater southern California metropolitan area. San Diego based Ghost Hunters, SCP’s investigations of reported paranormal activity, one rule outshines all others: “Rule out everything!” San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal, does not attempt to prove that your home is haunted. Rather, it attempts to disprove it by ruling out all possible causes—physical, emotional, and psychological. The first step is a private consultation, to talk to you about your experiences and offer suggestions based on our own acumen. Most importantly, the San Diego based Ghost Hunters, SCP, always value your privacy and will never post the details, or the findings of your case online without your permission. Your privacy is one of our main concerns!

    David Walters - Founder