Georgia Paranormal Investigators


Directory listing of paranormal investigators, organizations and societies located in the state of Georgia. All listings are categorized alphabetically by the name of the organizations location. If you are in the paranormal field and provide investigative services and assistance to those who are seeking guidance and help and would like to have your listing shown, please submit your listing information using our form.


  • Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research
    Atlanta, GA
    Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research is a non-profit group whose purpose is to research and investigate evidence of paranormal phenomenon using practices and methods which are scientific in nature. We follow strict procedures and approach each investigation with confidentiality, professionalism, and practicality. We understand that calling a team to investigate your private home or property is not an easy decision. We will respect your right to privacy. There is never a fee for any of our services. Any evidence that we collect, regardless of the nature, will only be released with the homeowner or property owner’s permission. We will disclose research findings in a professional but sensitive manner free from any personal bias.

    Diane Culpepper and Denise Roffe - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • South Coast Paranormal Society
    Augusta, GA
    South Coast Paranormal Society is a non-profit group based in Augusta, Georgia and consists of a society of paranormal investigative groups dedicated to the study and research of the paranormal. Our investigation services are free of charge and all evidence collected is objectively analyzed by our team, organized and presented to you for review. All information is kept strictly confidential and your privacy is completely secure.

    Rachelle Moran - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • West Georgia Paranormal Investigations
    LaGrange, GA
    West Georgia Paranormal Investigations is not a one of those "ghost buster" groups that number by the hundreds around the web. We are a group of regular people that seek the truth of what is out there, and we go into each investigation seeking natural sources and explanations for the activity alleged at each site. Our goal is to "debunk" activity believed to be paranormal, and in that process, if we discover something that cannot be explained by natural sources and explanations, we present it for people to decide for themselves what it is. Members of our team come from diverse backgrounds. We have all had some experience with what can only be called "paranormal", which has lead us to seek out explanations. If you are experiencing alleged paranormal activity and seek answers and resolution, please contact us. We are here to help you - and will do so professionally and discreetly.

    Myron Rogers - Founder / Lead Investigator