Hawaii Paranormal Investigators


Directory listing of paranormal investigators, organizations and societies located in the state of Hawaii. All listings are categorized alphabetically by the name of the organizations location. If you are in the paranormal field and provide investigative services and assistance to those who are seeking guidance and help and would like to have your listing shown, please submit your listing information using our form.


  • Spooky Kine Investigations
    Honolulu, HI
    Spooky Kine Investigations (SKI) is a paranormal research & investigations organization dedicated to the mental and physical well being of our clients and their families. We provide our services FREE of charge and proudly serve Hawaii's communities and its people. We primarily focus on ascertaining the scientific truths behind personal experiences involving ghosts, spirits, hauntings, and the supernatural. We study what people claim to be experiencing, how their belief in the experience affects them, and work with them in finding the proper resources to help resolve their concerns.

    Wayne Takabayashi - Director of Operations

  • Kahuna Research Group
    Kailua-Kona, HI
    Our main goal is to help anyone in need of answers, and also to gather evidence that will help the paranormal and scientific communities.

    Zach Royer - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society
    Mililani, HI
    If you need help proving or disproving a haunting, and want a friendly, reliable, and professional investigation to be carried out in your home or place of work, contact us. The Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters will investigate with our collection of equipment and experience at no charge. We will provide you with objective evidence that we can present to you via our video equipment, audio equipment, and our various meters and instruments. We will also put in our best efforts to give you the most complete answer possible using a variety of other means and methods that can be disclosed upon inquiry. We are not Scientists or Priests. We are normal, everyday people with a passion to pursue answers regarding the Paranormal.

    Preston Galera - Founder / Lead Investigator
    (Toll Free) 1.855.664.4678