Kansas Paranormal Investigators


Directory listing of paranormal investigators, organizations and societies located in the state of Kansas. All listings are categorized alphabetically by the name of the organizations location. If you are in the paranormal field and provide investigative services and assistance to those who are seeking guidance and help and would like to have your listing shown, please submit your listing information using our form.


  • Paranormal Study & Investigative Research Organization
    Atchison, KS
    The Paranormal Study and Investigative Research Organization (PSIRO) recognize that support and encouragement of quality scientific research is a critical part of its overall mission to improving paranormal research and investigation. PSIRO is dedicated to researching and investigating all claims of the paranormal scientifically and without bias. PSIRO hopes to tear down the perceptions of the paranormal research field by offering structured and critical investigation techniques and high moral research ethic.

    Areas Served:
    Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa. We are willing to travel to other states on a case by case basis.

    Topher Young - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • Heartland Paranormal Investigative (H.P.I.)
    Kansas City
    Our focus is on historic sites, and helping them determine whether they are experiencing true paranormal activity. We are also ready and very willing to help anyone, especially if a child is feeling threatened by activity. Our approach is extremely scientific and we do not go into an investigation trying to prove a haunting; we go in trying to disprove the claims.

    Areas Served:
    Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas (We will travel much further if a historic site requests our services...never a fee to anyone for our services)

    Forrest Peterson/Michael Kupsch - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • Flatland Investigtions
    Wichita, KS
    Flatland Investigations - investigating the four corners of paranormal activity in Kansas and Oklahoma. Spirits / Demonology / Ufology / Crypto Zoology. We are a close knit group of professionals who use our skills to search for answers. Whether you're curious or looking for resolution we would love to help. We are confidential, understanding individuals who believe in dignity of the Paranormal Field. If you or someone you know had an experience or is having an experience and would like some assistance feel free to contact us. ,We never charge and are friendly and courteous. If anything we would love to hear or read your stories. We also provide validation for business' looking to capitalize on paranormal activity. Please contact us by email (email goes to three cell phones) describing your situation and what assistance you feel is needed. We will respond with a taylored group of professionals.

    Areas Served
    Central Kansas,Oklahoma, Western MO, NW Arkansas.

    Timothy Earl - Founder / Lead Investigator

  • Wichita Paranormal Research Society
    Wichita, KS
    The Wichita Paranormal Research Society is one of the fastest growing paranormal investigation teams in Kansas. As paranormal investigators, we are committed to authenticating evidence and documenting the existence of any paranormal activity via audio, video, and other electronic means of equipment. By using current high-tech technology we are able to conduct extensive scientific investigations and interpret the evidence collected and present evidence to the client in the hopes of creating a better understanding of the current activity and possible options to be taken.

    The Wichita Paranormal Research Society does not attempt to "prove" a haunting. We are here to conduct an investigation where we look at all aspects of reported activity, client observations, and gathered evidence to come up with the most reasonable explanation. The Wichita Paranormal Research Society is available outside of Kansas as well.

    Use the "Contact WPRS" link on the left. This is free of charge, and 100% private. We will never give out any of your personal information, and you will receive copies of all evidence documented. References available upon request WPRS is also the Kansas representatives of TAPS and is a proud member of the TAPS Family

    Areas Served:
    Kansas, parts of Missouri, and parts of Colorado

    Shane Elliott - Founder / Lead Investigator

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