Kentucky Paranormal Investigators


Directory listing of paranormal investigators, organizations and societies located in the state of Kentucky. All listings are categorized alphabetically by the name of the organizations location. If you are in the paranormal field and provide investigative services and assistance to those who are seeking guidance and help and would like to have your listing shown, please submit your listing information using our form.


  • Campbell County Paranormal Research
    Alexandria, KY
    If you are experiencing paranormal phenomenon from apparitions, shadow figures, disembodied voices, moving objects, unexplained smells, cold or hot spots, poltergeist activity or the feeling you are being watched or touched by something unseen and wish to speak to a professional and discreet group of investigators that will be glad to provide the peace of mind and answers you are seeking, look no further. Our highly trained and experienced team will consult with you to potentially investigate your residence or business free of charge to determine the causes and solutions.

    Mike-Brad-Brandy-Penny-Taylor-Michaela-B - Founder(s) / Lead Investigator(s)

  • K.O.I. Paranormal Investigations
    Alexandria, KY
    As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, we provide a no fee analysis of claims of paranormal activity. We use a combination of technology, senses and experience to provide and in-depth report to the client. We provide these services for Residential, Business and Historic locations in the KY, OH &IN areas. We also will help rid the entity if so desired by the client(s). We will keep all information private, regardless of the findings, all staff will adhere to our strict privacy promise. Since our founding in 2008 we have helped multiple clients either rule out paranormal activity or confirm it, we pledge this to you also.

    Areas Served:
    Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana

    Tony Bryant and David Biery - Founder(s) / Lead Investigator(s)

  • OpenDoorz Paranormal Research
    Bowling Green, KY
    We use several types of video, Cameras and audio devices to capture indisputable evidence and proof of the paranormal. We are constantly adding new equipment to our inventory. We also use infrared equipment to see into a spectrum of light that the human eye cannot. We at OpenDoorz are very professional and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. OpenDoorz uses the scientific method approach to gather evidence. Jeff is very scientific and has a vast knowledge of the Science involved with paranormal activity. Our investigations are completely free with no cost. We do not use addresses or names in our investigations unless specifically asked.

    Jeffrey Yeckering - Founder / Lead Investigator

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