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Spirits Taunting and Attacking Me

Night TerrorHi my name is Noel. I know that the story I am about to tell may seem a little crazy and sometimes I think I am going crazy, but it really happened ...

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A Sister's Presence

Funeral MourningIn July, my sister passed away. She was in a car accident and had been hit head on by a Semi Tractor Trailer Truck. If she wasn't the sweetest...

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A Purr-fect Friend

Ghost CatMy cat Henry was my best friend. Our family got Henry when I was in my first year of high school. Henry and I grew up together and shared the same temperament...

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Ouija Boards and Strange Creatures

Ouija BoardI've always had paranormal activity in my life. I never really spoke about it because most people find the subject of anything paranormal taboo...

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